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We recently focused our attention on the Memphis born singer, songwriter, and music producer, Northside2x (Ralph Leon Mabone). Here's why.

Here’s everything hip-hop producer Ralph Leon Mabone is up to

The music industry is a vast, strange place. It’s an embodiment of creativity through lyrics, beats, and bass. Every year we see so many artists and producers catch a glimpse of the spotlight before they completely disappear again, never to be heard of. Recently there’s been a tendency of young American artists only offering us a quick foretaste of what they are capable of. 

Unfortunately, the industry isn’t very forgiving, picking and dropping so many artists each year without notice. One small mistake can really cost a person their whole career, I mean, who has forgotten Julianne Hough in blackface back in 2013?

So celebrities are human too and also make mistakes, but what do they get up to when they’re not filming, recording or hopping around Hollywood Hills? We recently focused our attention on the Memphis born singer, songwriter, and music producer, Northside2x (Ralph Leon Mabone) to find out what he’s been up to since 2019. Northside isn’t a new name, as he’s been recording and producing music since 2012, but we want to know what he’s been up to recently.

What’s the latest on Northside?

Northside hasn’t been shy since he stepped onto the music scene back in 2012. His work with MoneyBagg Yo, Drumma Boy, Dun Deal, and others have given him quite the reputation. His latest work which was featured back in March 2019 was an impressive album by YSL and Alamo recording artist Lil GotIt. 

The album, ‘It’s Crazy But It’s True’ features some boisterous tracks, two of which was produced by Northside in collaboration with Dun Deal, Western Weiss, and Chriz Beats.

But this was already last year, reports have shed some light on new and interesting developments in Northside’s career. He might not be blasting the tabloids or giving the paparazzi a show, but he’s for sure playing cards to his chest. We can definitely expect exciting things form a music producer that’s worked on projects such as ‘Nightmare On The Northside’ and ‘Federal 3X’ by MoneyBagg Yo.

Perhaps he’s changing career paths?

The global pandemic has everyone in frenzy, buying up toilet paper and canned food. As people are confining to mass hysteria and buying bulk hand sanitizers, an article of Northside has recently surfaced claiming that he’s been focusing on philanthropic work. His core focus with this is to raise awareness around women’s rights and most importantly – domestic violence. 

Issues such as physical and sexual abuse are already major problems in society and the global pandemic has given way to make it even worse. Northside has claimed that he’s trying to voice the seriousness of the situation, as many women and children aren’t able to contact help with restricted privacy. 

It isn’t yet clear if Northside will perhaps be teaming up with an organization to help find solutions for women who are confined in dangerous and abusive homes. Many media outlets have already urged government entities to help where they can, and Northside’s commitment to the cause might spark even more interest.

Where will Northside be popping up next?

It’s not clear where we will see him next, as he’s always working on something out of the public eye. It’s no surprise for Northside to be more secretive about what he’s doing. In 2017 he and MoneyBagg Yo dropped ‘Lately’ a track which made the Memphis music scene steam with excitement. The release was done very casually and without much media coverage. 

The track was later remixed and featured Fabolous and Yo Gott, this was another surprise move from Northside and his collaborators. Northside is obviously known for surprising us with his work, and everything he’s produced in the last few years has been nothing but incredible.

Speculations on a new album?

We can’t really clarify if this statement might be true or false, but the possibility is there. A great work of art like music or a film doesn’t simply take a couple of months to throw together. Northside is known to take his work seriously and won’t release anything unless he’s 100% satisfied. 

His network of producers and songwriters is very extensive, and we’re well aware of the calibre of work he sets out to delivery. It’s not quite sure who he might be working with at the moment, but one thing is for sure, that whatever Northside has up his sleeve is guaranteed to turn the industry on its head.

We’re all waiting in anticipation for Northside2x to come forth with some great news on what he’s been working on. Luckily we know that if it’s not a new album or a few great tracks, he’s definitely taken up a full-time interest in his philanthropic ventures.

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