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Watching the brilliance with which 'Rick and Morty' has been created is nothing short of a revelation. Here are some of the crazy characters.

Here are the top 5 characters from ‘Rick and Morty’

Watching the brilliance with which Rick and Morty has been created is nothing short of a revelation for a great multitude of people. The show greatly influenced and completely transformed people’s taste in comedy as well as sci-fi. Watch any Rick and Morty episode, and there is a high chance that you will come out either shocked, surprised, guffawing, or perhaps disgusted too. However, you’d always marvel at the effortlessness with which everything has been put together. 

Not to forget the speed with which it throws jargon that you, in the name of sci-fi, technology, politics, philosophy, religion, and even relationships! The show is based on multiple dimensions and timelines, and yet the deepest problems faced by the characters are most human. For instance, the insecurity faced by Morty and Summer in both school and life, witnessing their parents’ rough marriage, which dials back to Beth having to deal with Rick’s abandonment problems during her childhood. 

Nevertheless, everything is delivered in a funny manner, with multiple memorable characters also involved, something that gives an edge to this show. It’s not without a reason that this series has inspired a great number of creative products and services such as casino games like Rick and Morty Megaways, and more. 

Something even surprising is that majority of the characters are voiced by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the show’s co-creators. Let’s acquaint you with some of the most exciting Rick and Morty characters that have made the show what it is today.

Rick Sanchez 

He’s the main man behind all that Rick and Morty show is about. A narcissistic, boozy, egoistic, megalomaniacal yet brilliant scientist, Rick Sanchez is responsible for the majority of happenings as well as mishappenings in the show. You can see him going on various misadventures and escapades, which pretty much changes the show’s multiverse time and again. 

Rick can be seen single-handedly converting intergalactic currency’s value to zero, bringing down the Ricks’ council and citadel, transforming himself into a pickle just so he could avoid family therapy, creating a miniverse to power-up his car battery and so on.

It’s pretty interesting to watch his equation with his grandson Morty and the kind of camaraderie he shares with him. A special mention should be made about his antics when he seems refusing to give a sh!* about things happening in his surroundings. Majority of the laughs on Rick and Morty are derived from Rick’s constant undermining of the show’s other characters. Rick’s name is right there on the title card as he’s undeniably the most significant character of the show.

Morty Smith

Morty serves as the perfect sidekick to Rick, and is a character that constantly strives to achieve the right balance between the life he aspires to lead with his dysfunctional family and the unreal day-to-day life he leads being next to his grandfather Rick, traversing different timelines and galaxies. He also has a life at high school where he crushes on a girl, just like any other teenage boy. 

Although he has various defining moments in the show, where his character shines out very well, it’s the moments when he outdoes Rick and makes his grandfather think of him as something more than an accompaniment, which are absolute gold. 

It’s actually the relationship he shares with Rick that forms the core of the show, other than all the irreverent humor and science fiction that goes into it. In the end, it’s pretty clear that there needs to be a Morty for every Rick out there! 


Messeeks is one of those characters that stands right up there with the rest in Rick and Morty’s Hall of Fame. These are adorable blue orb heads that appeared only in season one’s single episode, and everyone has been looking forward to their return since then. These Meeseeks inhabit various planets of the multiverse and their purpose of existence is only to fulfill the wish of the individual who summons them. 

Seems quite simple, right? Except for the fact that even Meeseeks has an extremely bad day when it is summoned by the remarkable Smith family, which requires help with correction of a golf game, some marriage advice, and gaining popularity at school. 

Something that gives these characters even more depth, and makes them more striking is the fact that despite having a very helpful and amiable appearance, with their cute faces repeatedly saying, “I am Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me!” (A very nice catchphrase), they also suggest that their existence is not easy for them. 

This is because they can’t find meaning in their life, and exist only to serve a single purpose, dying ones that purpose is achieved. It’s a seemingly eccentric and interesting mixture of existential reality, philosophy, comedy, and amusement that makes Meeseeks so special for the viewers, apart from Rick and Morty of course.

Evil Morty

Many are of the belief that ‘The Ricklantis Mixup’ is by far the best episode in the Rick and Morty series till now. The mother of all episodes is about candidate Morty who contests elections to the Citadel and wins. Thereafter, he gets all the shadow Council of Ricks’ non-compliant members killed, in true Godfather style. With the bodies of all these members floating away in the abyss, Morty reveals himself as the Evil Morty from another episode (10th one of the first season) titled, ‘Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind’. 

He can then be seen making a calculated and cold speech, with all the sinister overtones. And while he’s giving the speech, Blonde Redhead’s ‘For the Damaged Coda’ plays in the background, taking the proceedings to an altogether a new high, which is still unmatched in the show. 

With Evil Morty now becoming the Citadel’s President, it opens up all kinds of possibilities. It also establishes Evil Morty as amongst the most badass characters witnessed in the series so far!

Snowball or Snuffles

Snuffles, who is now self-aware and has also been equipped with robotic enhancements, all thanks to Rick’s invention which has made him a lot smarter than before, can be seen breaking into Summer’s room at midnight, asking the poor girl the most unusual question, “Where are my testicles, Summer?!”

Every time viewers think of this specific scene, it leaves them in splits. The second episode ‘Lawnmower Dog’ of Rick and Morty’s first season features hilarious, ingenious, and quite special character offerings in the form of Snuffles. His story is that of a submissive creature who gains sentience and then rebels against the authority, hoping to declare war and thereafter control the planet one day. 

It is a frantically funny and outrageous story. The moments in the story where he is seen rubbing Jerry’s urine on his face as retaliation, and yet caring a lot for Morty, his human, regardless of being a ruthless and selfish colonist, are some of the high points of that interesting episode.

Eventually, Snuffles decides to not invade and rule the human world, as it might lead to his species ending up making the same mistakes committed by the humans. Rather, he decides to shift to a world consisting of intelligent and self-aware dogs as rulers, who have made pet insurance mandatory for all!

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