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Road trips are exciting and lots of fun with time for plenty of adventures, romance, and comedy. What do movies get wrong about a road trip?

4 things the movies always get wrong about a road trip

According to Hollywood, there’s nothing more American and life-changing than a road trip across the country with your friends in the back and the open road ahead. Windows down, music up, and nothing but good times.

Road trips are exciting and lots of fun with time for plenty of adventures, romance, comedy, or even some horror moments, depending on the kind of movies you’re into. But the image of some fun teens hitting the open road with nothing but their dreams and a great soundtrack doesn’t quite measure up to any real-life road trip.

Let’s look at 4 things the movies always get wrong about road trips!

They’re incredibly safe

As long as you’re not watching a Hollywood horror, you’ll notice that road trips in the movies are always incredibly safe. No one ever cuts them off on the highway, aggressive drivers are nowhere to be seen, and having an accident is simply unheard of, even when there are so many potential hazards.

From trucks to motorcycles – if you’ve been in an accident involving a motorcycle that could have been avoided speak to a local motorcycle accident lawyer from New York – you must always remain vigilant of other vehicles on the road. 

No one ever wears seatbelts on the big screen, and the driver can keep the car on the road despite having long conversations with their passengers and barely glancing at the road ahead. Fancy putting your feet out of the window or up on the dashboard? In the movies, you don’t seem to need to worry about sustaining catastrophic injuries in a crash.

Traffic jams are non-existent

Take a road trip anywhere in the country and you’re guaranteed to hit traffic at some point. Unless you’re in the movies. 

Whether it’s a family heading home for Christmas or a couple of teens heading to college, in the movies you can guarantee that the millions of cars on the U.S. roads disappear and our protagonists get to enjoy clear roads and always get to reach their destination on time. If you’re ever worried about reaching your destination on time, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of traffic you can always hire a limo. Residents of Texas might want to try

Getting lost is impossible

Even though they’ve never traveled across the country before and they’ve never driven overnight, it’s guaranteed that the protagonists will always reach their destination with ease. 

A movie road trip would rarely get derailed because the characters get lost, or take the wrong turn (again, unless the entire premise is winding up somewhere they shouldn’t).

In reality, it’s incredibly easy to miss the turnoff you need, get turned around on country lanes, and get lost on inner-city roads. Thankfully, online maps and GPS systems make road tripping much easier.

And finally, everyone gets along just fine

You’ll find no evidence of distrust or irritability on the big screen. Everyone has their place and their character traits. Arguments over who last paid for the gas or who’s eaten the last bag of potato chips are simply unheard of.

The best way to avoid arguments whilst you’re on the road is by carefully selecting who you go with. If tensions are running a little high, try to laugh it off or pull over and take a break.


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