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Sabrina Ho is a young entrepreneur with a focus on the development of arts and culture, especially in young people. Let's find out more.

Sabrina Ho breaks away from the stereotypes

Sabrina Ho is a young entrepreneur with a focus on the development of arts and culture, especially in young people. She is UNESCO’s youngest strategic partner who says: “I firmly believe partnership is the new leadership and will, to the best of my abilities, mobilize others to invest in our future by taking on innovative educational approaches to introduce sustainable opportunities for young creative entrepreneurs.”

Who is Sabrina Ho? 

She was born in 1990 in Hong Kong, and speaks Chinese, English, Cantonese, and Portuguese. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Hong Kong, she also lived and studied in the United Kingdom for quite a while, and enthusiastically organizes numerous types of arts and cultural activities in order to encourage the development of Asian arts and culture. 

She also believes in fostering young artists from diverse sectors, and encouraging the integration of arts into daily life. She is well-known in the Chinese art market and has been noted as the 17th of the 2015 Top 100 Most Influential People of Chinese Art Market in the world. 

What are some of her notable achievements? 

In November 2017, and at the age of just 27, she signed an important partnership agreement with UNESCO. She committed to the enfranchisement of young women by promoting her new initiative called “U40 Empowered: Women entrepreneurs powering the digital creative industries.” 

In the same year, she spoke at the Forbes Asia Forum on the topic of Next Tycoons: A Generation Emerges.” She has also presented at the 19th Annual Harvard China Forum and was recognized as one of the “Women to Watch” on the 2016 Forbes Asia’s Power Business Women’s List. 

Why are youth and culture at the heart of her dedication?

She believes that it is the right of young people to access, enjoy, and enthusiastically take part in cultural life as is enshrined in international law. She thinks that this is a primary part of their human rights. 

Actively taking part in cultural life is essential for young people to better understand not only their own culture, but also those of others. This allows them to broaden their horizons, strengthen their ability to resolve conflict peacefully, and encourage respect for cultural diversity. 

As recognized by the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, culture is a vital enabler of sustainable development. The cultural and creative industries provide 30 million jobs globally and employ primarily those aged between 15-29. With the prospect of 73 million young people presently being confronted by unemployment, and at a time of increasing conflict, discord, and human migration, assisting young people by increasing their access to and participating in culture is more essential than ever. 

What can be done to combat this problem?

She is of the opinion that this can be rectified in two ways:

  1. Provide substantial proposals for engaging and empowering youth through culture, especially by concentrating on vulnerable youth who have had to face conflict, natural disasters, and economic crises. These propositions would be especially focused on national and local governments, NGOs, and International organizations.
  2. Assess the potential of protecting and promoting culture as an important way of empowering youth, especially in crisis situations. In recent years there has arisen a new sense of urgency and as such culture faces a wide range of new threats and natural and man-made dangers. Every type of culture will be addressed, including heritage, intangible heritage, cultural property, and the diversity of cultural expressions. 

How has she tried to achieve the above? 

In 2015, Sabrina began Chiu Yeng Culture and Creative Industry Association (“Chiu Yeng Culture”) in order to encourage artistic and cultural developments in Macau. It’s a non-profit organization which is officially registered in the Macao SAR government. 

The organization arranges numerous types of cultural, creative, and artistic events which integrate Macau and foreign cultural and creative industry well-known individuals in order to encourage exchanges and collaboration in the growth of cultural and creative industries in Macau. The association is promoting these professions through the education of the younger generation. 

If you want more information on Sabrina Ho and all of her endeavors, check out her Facebook page, her Instagram, and her personal website:

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