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Would-be screenwriters can’t do much better than the Save the Cat! Here's how screenwriters can get involved with this contest.

Save the Cat!: The screenwriting contest with feedback

We’re passionate about bringing experiences and opportunities to new movie magic makers, and would-be screenwriters can’t do much better than the Save the Cat! Screenplay Challenge. Save the Cat! promises that every entrant “Gets the feedback they deserve”. Every script entered gets a full read with a whopping fifty points of analysis feedback. Screenwriters, sharpen your pencils – you’ve got until March 27th to enter.

We were lucky to chat with the team behind Save the Cat! today. “Our approach is simple: a screenplay competition that uses the same language the writer, the reader, and the decision-makers use when analyzing your work. We are fortunate enough that Save the Cat! and the 15 story points (our beat sheet) is part of creative culture and has become the shared language of creators and executives.”

What’s more, the lucky winners will be flown to Los Angeles for a live table read of their scripts, and the opportunity to pitch your project to a reputable LA-based production company.

Would-be screenwriters can’t do much better than the Save the Cat! Here's how screenwriters can get involved with this contest.

Whetted your appetite?

Every entry gets…:

  • 50 points of analysis report adapted from the Save the Cat! Greenlight Checklist (Save the Cat! Strikes Back pages 104-108)
  • A review by readers and judges trained in the Save the Cat! methodology
  • Feedback grounded in structure and marketability consistently applied to all screenplays

Grand Prize winners receive

  • 3-day trip to LA ($600)
  • 3-night hotel stay ($1200)
  • Live table read to bring your work to life
  • A real pitch to a production company in LA
  • 4-month subscription and magazine winners listing in INKTIP ($500 value)
  • 12-month subscription to host your work on The Black List on us
  • Save the Cat! 4.0 Software – 12 Month Subscription

Top five finalists receive

  • Meeting with one of the judges
  • 4-month subscription and magazine winners listing in InkTip ($500 value)
  • Save the Cat! 4.0 software 12-month subscription

Save the Cat!, Blake Snyder’s book on the essential tips & tricks you need to write for the screen, prides itself on being the only book you need to get your script off the ground, and their current competition is offering even more insight. If you think you might have the next masterpiece, keep typing, send it in, and you could win some essential networking experiences.

If you’re a phenomenally lucky Grand Prize winner, you’ll get the chance to perfect your pitching skills with industry experts before getting exclusive access to pitch to a real LA production company. Your trip will offer insider access and experience to kickstart your Hollywood success story!

Even if you don’t quite make the cut, Save the Cat! is always worth considering. If you’ve got what it takes, you could be entered for the chance of a lifetime. If you hit the extended deadline on March 27th, you’re getting almost $500 worth of expert feedback for just a $149 entry fee. Before you start the entry process, don’t forget to tweak your script to perfection with Save the Cat!’s invaluable tricks of the trade. 

Check out Save the Cat!’s podcasts for a wealth of insider knowledge, including discussions on story beats, character arcs, and how to write the perfect title.

Don’t sleep on their beat sheets either. Here, the masters pick apart classic films and see how they fit within the Save the Cat! format, offering insightful analysis along the way. 


The beat sheets feature dissections of iconic masterpieces like Psycho and The Princess Bride, plus recent cult classics like Hereditary and The Haunting of Hill House. Even if you’ve never taken a class on story structure before, Save the Cat!’s step-by-step studies offer vital and accessible info for amateur scribes.

What are you waiting for? You’re not gonna find a better opportunity for upcoming writers than Save the Cat!, so finish that masterpiece and enter now.

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