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The hit TV show 'Scandal' is worth the price of Hulu alone, as it shows early Shonda Rhimes at her best. Here are the sexiest episodes.

The TV show ‘Scandal’ is coming to Hulu: Here are the sexiest episodes

Sorry Netflix users, ABC is moving Kerry Washington to a new home. With the acquisition of Hulu, a large majority of ABC’s shows on Netflix will be finding their way over to the streaming service. Maybe that Hulu/Disney+ bundle is actually worth the money. 

But the hit TV show Scandal is worth the price alone, as it shows early Shonda Rhimes at her best. Making powerful shows with women who stand like a tree against the world. Olivia Pope is a true TV drama lead, with a stunning performance by Kerry Washington. 

Between her affairs with President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and the B613 agent Jake (Scott Folly), as well as the sexy action with the rest of the cast, it’s no surprise this is a Shonda Rhimes show. Hot people sleeping together between bits of drama is her thing. So if you want to see some hot action, these episodes of Scandal offer the best sexy action. 

The “not a threesome” threesome dream (S4, E7)

Season 4 of Scandal was bizarre from start to finish, and this sexy dream in episode 7 really shows that to the max. Olivia seems like she’s just having a dream about swimming on the beach with Jake and getting it on after. But then Jake turns into Fitz. The mystery lover keeps switching back and forth between Jake and Fitz.

It really nails the complication of Olivia’s love interests in season 4 as well, and her dad waking her up from her dream adds a new layer into it. Considering Jake only met Olivia on orders from her father, making the dream much more complicated. 

A celebration in the Oval Office (S2, E8)

Of course, we gotta go back to the flashback Fitz and Olivia for this sexy celebration. Is it a surprise that a TV show like Scandal, where the president is a huge character, would get down and dirty in the Oval Office? Besides, what better way to celebrate his inauguration than christening his new office? 

Though, screwing his wife and not his lover would be the better idea. It’s a miracle with the dumb decisions young Fitz and Olivia made that no one caught them and leaked it to the press until the end of season 2.

The house in Vermont (S3, E8)

To give her a taste of the life he wants for her, Fitz took Olivia on a romantic getaway to his Vermont home. There, it was a bang-a-thon for the two as they lived the life they both dreamed of for themselves. 

“We’ll always have Vermont” basically becomes the “We’ll always have Paris” for the couple from this point forward. Then again, we’d totally be down to buy some homemade jam from Olivia. 

Wine and dine in the nude (S4, E2)

Who needs clothes when you have wine? Olivia shows up to Jake’s apartment in a trench coat with a bottle of wine. Of course, under the trench coat, there’s nothing but her birthday suit, which Jake can’t resist. 

There’s nothing sexier than an naked woman with a bottle of wine, and it’s clear Jake knows Olivia’s sexual powers. It’s no surprise she becomes his boss later down the line. 

Doing it dirty while hiding a body (S3, E17)

While the Fitz/Olivia or Jake/Olivia action is usually the ones getting the main stage, Huck and Quinn deserve some attention too. Their sexy affair always had the two sleeping together at the most inappropriate of times, and season three really showcases that well.

What better time to get it on then when you’re trying to dispose of a dead body? If this is what it means to be one of Olivia Pope’s fixers, then maybe this is the dream life. Then again, the trouble these people get into isn’t worth the sex.

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