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Martin Scorsese is without a doubt one of the top directors in Hollywood ever. Here are three things that Scorsese movies have in common.

Three Things Scorsese Movies Have in Common

Martin Scorsese is without a doubt one of the top directors in Hollywood ever. Pretty much every movie he was behind, represented a blockbuster bringing joy to countless people. 

Each of his movies is unique in its own way but, at the same time, there are many similarities between one another. This is pretty known between cinephiles, and even Scorsese noted that his creations are inspired by similar ideals. 

This is under no means a bad thing, especially when looking at how well crafted and entertaining his movies are. But, we are going to highlight some of the recurring similarities that make a Scorsese movie feel like a Scorsese movie. 


It’s not unknown that Robert De Niro is often featured in Scorsese movies. The actor appeared in no less than nine of his movies, five of which being easily acknowledged by most people as the best Scorsese movies ever created. I think that says a lot about their collaboration. Joe Pesci also played in four of Scorsese’s movies, all of those alongside De Niro. 

De Niro and Pesci cover the mob-related movies directed by Scorsese, from The Irishman, all the way back to Raging Bull. But, on the other side of the spectrum is Leonardo DiCaprio who also worked on five of Scorsese’s movies. Their best work together is on The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street

Catherine and Charles Scorsese, the director’s parents, also appeared seven times in his movies each of them. 


Environment plays a key part in each of his creations. The director is clearly nostalgic about the past, often covering time periods that are long gone. His best movies are about the upcoming of Italian and Irish mobsters in the US, going as far back as the 1830s with Gangs of New York. However, The Last Temptation of Christ, goes back in time about 2000 years. These time periods are greatly inspired by Scorsese’s upbringing. 

Gambling is also a recurring theme in his movies that’s a good opportunity to create memorable dialogue. Goodfellas has the famous poker scene where the guys are talking about day-to-day stuff and Joe Pesci puts on a great performance. Casino (1995) is a movie all about gambling where De Niro’s character shows us the Las Vegas lifestyle. And, even Gangs of New York has a gambling scene where people bet on boxing.

Casino (1995) is the movie that closest depicts the online gambling environment from today. The movie captures a lot of games like slot machines, roulette, and poker that can often be found in an online casino nowadays. However, instead of mechanical slot machines, we now have online slots which are just as fun but considerably more convenient. 

New York City is also regularly captured in his movie. NYC is the main playing field of over ten of the director’s movies. Scorsese grew up in New York, first in Queens, and then in Little Italy, thus explaining his love for the city. 


Scorsese is also widely known for his skill in creating an iconic soundtrack. He is often using the same songs over and over again. Songs from The Rolling Stones appeared in over five of his movies – “Gimme Shelter” is the most recognizable one. He even directed the Shine a Light (2008) concert documentary about The Rolling Stones. Also, songs like “Howlin’ Wolf,” “Layla,” “Atlantis,” and a dozen more are iconic too.

Even if there are some similarities in terms of casting, themes, and music, each of Scorsese’s movies is unique. His choices are influenced only by the things he likes, sharing them with us every step of the way.

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