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Screenwriter: Why you should go to the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit

There’s a reason the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit sold out last year. As one of the most informative and inspirational events of the year, the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit has become the event for screenwriters. 

This year the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit will be held Friday, April 24th, until Monday, 27th, 2020 in Chicago’s historic Hotel Allegro by Kimpton. Here’s why you need to reserve your 2020 badge right now.

4 full days focused on screenwriters

Full of workshops, panels, cocktail parties, pitch events, networking and mentorship from some of the biggest and best screenwriters in Hollywood, the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit is the perfect place to launch your screenwriting career. 

In an industry where access can make or break your career, attending the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit can be the tipping point for a fledgling screenwriter. With agents, producers, and Hollywood professionals in attendance, screenwriters can receive the feedback necessary to elevate their work from good to blockbuster.

Guest speakers you can’t find anywhere else

With over 2 dozen guest speakers already confirmed, the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit already promises industry giants like Oscar-nominated screenwriter Meg LeFauve (Inside Out, Captain Marvel), and senior manager of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in screenwriting, from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Joan Wai.

Additionally, attendees will also be treated to Oscar-winning screenwriter David Rabinowitz (BLACKKKLANSMAN), and former SyFy channel exec and script development consultant from The Professional Pen, Shannan E. Johnson. 

With each guest speaker comes a wealth of information on everything from finding your voice as a screenwriter to securing a budget for your film. The only challenge attendees of the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit face is how to hear them all!

A learning-focused environment

The ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit boasts a schedule jam-packed with classes, seminars, and mentor sessions. Everything a screenwriter could hope to learn about writing, pitching, securing a manager, negotiating fees, character development, and scores of craft intensives all ensure there is never a dull moment. 

Having the chance to learn storytelling from the best storytellers in the world also ensures that each session will be valuable, full of relatable information and those little insights that can shift a producer’s “no” into a “yes”.

Networking opportunities abound

Even beyond the obvious thrills of speaking with industry professionals that can help to accelerate your career, the chance to chat, connect, and brainstorm with like-minded individuals can make any writer feel like they’ve found their tribe. 

The ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit crafts a well-thought-out schedule, with nightly social events that give attendees the chance to relax and let the real magic that happens when creative minds meld develop. 

Writing can feel like a solitary and isolating endeavor at times. The chance to meet fellow writers who are all pursuing their passion can create new excitement around your next projects. Plus, who knows? Maybe your new writing friend can fill that plothole you’ve been struggling with. 

Additionally, agents and managers attend the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit with the intention of finding their next new client. Unrepresented screenwriters are given the unique opportunity to meet face to face with professionals seeking their specific talents. It can be a once in a lifetime (or at the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit, once in a year) chance that shifts your fledgling screenwriter status to industry professional status.

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