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Seattle Gold Grills was the first black owned jewelry store to customize jewelry in 1976; it still stands strong today in the city of Seattle.

The story behind Seattle Gold Grills

Fred Bennett Jr. is the owner of the well known store Seattle Gold Grills, which was the first black owned jewelry store to customize jewelry in 1976. It still stands strong today in the city of Seattle and has gained attention from many people around the states, including famous rappers. Fred talks about the story behind the famous store, plus the huge love that many people have globally for his products.

The story

It all started in 1976, where Fred Bennett Sr. created the parent company Fred Bennett Creations and was the first black jeweller to customize jewelry in Seattle. Fred explains, “My father was providing jewelry to the citizens of Seattle a unique service, and products that provide excellent quality at all times, no matter when you use them.” The business ran smoothly for many years, with great success and loyal customers, making the establishment known to everyone. His father has been servicing people for exactly 53 years and counting.

In 2016, Seattle Gold Grills came on the scene as a sister company, with Fred Bennett Jr being the founder. However, Fred Bennett Creations has been customizing and selling grillz since 1998, which has already made them experts in tailoring these products. Fred states, “We created Seattle Gold Grills so that we can provide jewelry enthusiasts a service to have their teeth look great without having to break the bank. Our doors are open to everyone worldwide.”

The family venture soon became popular for providing amazing jewelry solutions for people’s teeth, which they soon become known as “the pioneers of grillz.” With the store still operating, their fan base and customer loyalty grew; since they are still able to provide an expert service and support for stylish teeth accessories.

Fred said, “I admire my father professionally, as he established the way for me for being Seattle’s first black jewelry owner. Obviously if it was not for him, I wouldn’t have had much of a chance to be in the jewelry industry as an African American – which is very rare. I am now blessed to have him as my wartime consigliere!”

The store continued to grow online also, which is a special achievement especially for Fred, since he took inspiration from what his father opened and turned it into something that he could have possibly never imagined. Fred explains, “I admire brands like Tiffany & Co because they have been able to survive throughout histories ups and downs remaining consistent.  We strive to do the same at Seattle Gold Grills!”

The products

Due to the success that has been brought to Seattle Gold Grills, they now ship products worldwide. Fred explains, “we have diamond encrusted grillz, gemstone grillz and you can even customize grillz if you want to.” The store is also known for their creative pendants, gold chains and fancy watches. Fred said, “Here you will find brands such as Rolexes covered in diamonds, Miami Cuban link chains, iced out grillz and bottom teeth grillz.” All accessories and grillz are tailored to both men and women, which means that anybody can become stylish and add a unique look to their wardrobe.

Due to the popularity of the products, Fred created a Seattle Gold Grills mobile custom jewelry app, which gained 1,100 downloads within the first week of the release of the app. It is available on the Apple app store and on Google Play. Fred has also gained over 300,000 followers on social media, since many celebrities and customers love the products.

Fred said, “Each and every single one of Seattle Gold Grills products are designed to give your teeth and you the best look possible. Our products are designed and tested to ensure quality and to make sure that you get the grillz you deserve. It’s a family business that treats its customers like family as well.”

Seattle Gold Grills also offers mold kits that can be shipped out to customers, plus appointments can be made with mobile technicians. The store itself is nestled on Olympia Avenue, just in front of the famous Jimi Hendrix memorial state. Fred explains, “Getting grillz can be for everybody who would love to make their teeth look fancy, or just make them look the best possible, with style and comfort.”

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