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Since self-isolation and social distancing have become, let's experiment with new sources of entertainment and rediscover some forgotten gems, like TikTok.

Self-isolation entertainment: Virtual galleries, online casinos, TikTok

We’re all getting through pretty rough times: coronavirus pandemic, periods of far-reaching self-isolation, and remote work. Since self-isolation and social distancing have become familiar to individuals going through 2020, let’s experiment with new sources of entertainment and rediscover some forgotten gems. 

We take a closer look at the best ways of entertaining yourself in a quarantine setting below. Read on!

Importance of quarantine

Before we move forward by shedding light on the best ways of keeping yourself entertained on a self-quarantine, let’s not forget how important is it to abstain from external threats. By being a conscious citizen, any individual can contribute to responsible behavior via complete compliance with all rules of such a required self-quarantine. 

Since most of our readers already got to know that thousands of websites and educational resources have already opened their access to those interested in getting new sources of knowledge and inspirations. That’s why we are here to recommend you viral approaches towards alleviating your boredom, panic, and overreaction, namely virtual galleries, online casinos, and TikTok. Stay tuned!

Virtual galleries

Regardless of whether you are a true fan of art or not, the coronavirus pandemic has opened countless ways of getting to know places, which you probably wouldn’t visit at all. 

Millions of museums and art galleries across the globe have shut their doors to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak, instead offering a dazzling array of virtual tours and VR facilities. Let’s recall that Google Arts and Culture has been doing the same even before the pandemic burst across the globe.

Now, any person interested in traditional, contemporary art, or dozens of museum exhibitions, can participate in virtual tours from home! If you’re craving for some art, culture, or inspiration, it might be a good idea to take a look at what art places are offering virtual entertainment, as follows:

  • The British Museum
  • Louvre
  • Vatican museums
  • State Hermitage
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Anne Frank House
  • and hundreds of others

You see, with such a selection of online tours, both regular and VR ones, any quarantine or forced social distancing will become more entertaining and engaging. Thanks to technological advancements, art lovers won’t miss any exhibition even during the harsh times of pandemics, quarantines, and border closures.

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Gambling opportunities for casino lovers

One of the most impressive activities that one person can enjoy during a range of self-quarantine measures is, of course, gambling. Since a dazzling array of online games are available online, such as slots, table games, and lotteries, no gambling enthusiast will ever get bored. The good news is that any player can experiment with such gambling websites to win real money in online casino for free. 

It is possible thanks to a wide range of promotions, bonuses, and special deals that real money online casino platforms have been promoting to cope with boredom in a quarantine setting. Any individual interested in this form of entertainment can try to play online casino for real money Canada, that might be an excellent idea for home-staying isolation.

When it comes to activities on these websites, players are welcome to try slots machines, table games, and live casino games. By offering a variety of gaming options and free online casino games, low minimum deposit casinos all around the world offer top-notch entertainment facilities for anyone interested. If you have never tried such games before, isn’t it just the right time to experiment with them?


We all know that self-quarantine and social media services are best friends forever. Despite your workloads or household-related responsibilities, having a break and updating a feed of your phone is now a common activity for all of us. TikTok, a genuine revolution in terms of both popularity and ways of delivering digital content, can become your new source of entertainment for months to come. 

With an escalation of novel COVID-19 cases across the globe, we’ve been busy watching dozens of memes and viral videos posted on TikTok. Isn’t that the best way to transform our grief and panic into modern-day humor and irony? There are literally thousands of personalities we can recommend following right now, ranging from infamous Loren Gray and Zach King to Indian stars, such as Yashi Tank and Suraj Pal Singh.

Except for iconic personalities that went viral on TikTok, we can also recommend following specific memes that are incredibly popular over the last days. For instance, songs to wash your hands by or spontaneous outdoor concerts are the most trending videos to look at right now.

Although TikTok, as a platform, went through criticism due to the silliness of the content, its simplicity, and lack of preparation from the side of content makers, nothing will stop this platform from snowballing in popularity.

If you’re looking for top-notch Kiwi accounts to follow, don’t hesitate to follow Michael de Laborde or Morgan Monrad, real talents in crafting superb TikTok content to New Zealand audiences. So, instead of browsing your Instagram and Facebook accounts all the time, why don’t you look at those accounts and TikTok, as a platform, overall?

You see, even when the world is going crazy with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still plenty of things to do to entertain yourself. Since most of us are yet required to comply with our job or study requirements on a remote basis, we shouldn’t forget about relaxation, chill, and entertainment. 

Once you feel you’re getting extremely bored, be sure to visit Louvre, win your first jackpot in online blackjack, or maybe create your own viral TikTok meme – the options are countless.

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