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Netflix's 'Game of Thrones' had some of the best sex scenes ever in the streaming universe. Here's a list of our favorites.

Missing ‘Game of Thrones’? Relive the best sex scenes from the show

Whatever emotions you may carry regarding the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, I think we can all agree the show’s run was one of the most special television events of this century.

Based on George R.R. Martin’s bestselling book series A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones tells a medieval/fantasy epic inside the fictional world of Westeros, populated with powerful families, corrupt kings, prophesied queens, dragons, and a looming army of zombies, the white walkers.

The HBO series was as cinematic an experience that most living rooms and home theatres ever felt, and while many shows today still claw and scratch to fill that hole, it’s safe to say that we may never experience another television phenomenon quite like Game of Thrones.

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

While the show gained wider audiences with each passing season, most likely due to the show’s word-of-mouth popularity and impressive television budget, I think we all know the larger contributing factor as to why this series enchanted audience members.

Not since HBO’s Sex in the City have we gotten a series that simply went for it. Game of Thrones felt as raw and as emotional as any show, with a large part of it, especially early on in the show’s run, being dedicated to the relationships of the show’s popular characters.

The North was cold, but the sex was hot!

Here we relive some of the best Game of Thrones sex scenes.

(No rape scenes will be included)

(Spoilers ahead)

Jon & Ygritte

This was undoubtedly the first major Game of Thrones sex scene fans were pleading for.

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Obviously, he knew something, my dear wildling.

Jon Snow was basically the first OG gentleman in Westeros, finding a romantic cavern location, complimented with a lovely hot spring and a bed of wildling fur. It was a forbidden love that finally came to fruition, and we couldn’t be any happier that it did.

Arya & Gendry

Yep. This one for sure broke the internet. For the past seven seasons, we watched young Arya Stark grow from a child with an interest in warfare to a teenage assassin, wearing many hats, or faces, that best suited her own needs as it pertained to completing her hit-list.

One person that we didn’t think to be on it was the blacksmith Gendry, who popped in and out of the series’s eight-season run. No need for Needle here, M’lady, Lord Gendry brought his own.

While she loses her innocence many seasons prior, audiences still felt a deep connection to the last remaining bits of childhood seen in Arya’s eyes, for she was just a child when the series had debuted.

Luckily, she decides to lose her virginity in a classy fashion, making it comfortable for the audience to take part in as we cheered her on like a perverted family member.

You go, girl.

Dany & Jon

We finally got it! The most awkward hookup since Donald Trump & Stormy Daniels – allegedly.

So much happened in the closing moments of season 7 that made this sex scene one for the record books.

We get a steamy montage of Dany & Jon finally giving in to their sexual frustrations as Bran Stark (#NotMyKing) narrates over the moment as he speaks on Jon’s true lineage. While it felt kind of gross that Jon was unknowingly having sex with his aunt, point is, he didn’t know, which makes it OK, right?

Remember, it’s not incest if it’s in Westeros.

This was also one of the rare sex scenes in Game of Thrones not taking place on a cold, hard ground or a brothel, which adds a special elegance to the moment, especially given the fact that actress Emilia Clarke went back on the ‘no-nudity’ clause she requested midway through the series.

Robb & Talisa

The tragedy of Robb Stark can be traced back to this very moment, where he realized this beautiful battlefield nurse was the true love of his life, forcing him to break off his agreement with Walder Frey which led to, well . . . the North Remembers, anyways.

At least at this moment, both Robb & Talisa got what they wanted.

While uncomfortable Game of Thrones sex scenes are oftentimes the most memorable, it’s sex scenes like this one that are the most touching, where two honest characters are finally given a break in life and are able to share a passionate moment, a rare occasion in this world where Littlefinger or Cersei Lannister can exist.

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