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Sex scenes may be fun to watch, but for the celebrity filming it – it's not always so great. Here are some of the funniest stories.

The funniest stories about celebrity sex scenes gone wrong

Passionate, intimate, and funny? Celebrity sex scenes run the gamut of emotions while filming, and the final cut is often a lot better than what the actors experienced on set. Some of them want to forget their sex scenes while others claim them as experiences they’ll never forget. While sex scenes will be at an all-time low due to COVID-19, it doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about some of Hollywood’s funniest sex scene stories. 

Mom present

There is nothing worse than your mom walking in on you having sex. Well, how about a rule stating she has to be present. 

Superbad was a breakout movie for Micheal Cera, Jonah Hill, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. According to IMDb, the movie’s also Mintz-Plasse’s first acting credit. In one of Superbad’s many iconic scenes, Mintz-Plasse’s character, McLovin, is caught having sex. It’s an awkward scene, but not because of the acting. Rather, it was because Mintz-Plasse’s mom had to be present during the scene.

At the time of filming Superbad, Mintz-Plasse was only seventeen. In an interview with GQ, he revealed a parent had to accompany him to set and remain present because he was underage. His mom just happened to be the one taking him to set to film the sex scene. 

Dave Franco’s pimple 

Dave Franco was incredibly nervous about his sex scene in the 2014 film Neighbors. It was his first sex scene, and he was so nervous a pimple popped up on his butt. According to an interview on Chelsea Lately, Franco woke up the day of the sex scene and had a pimple on his butt. He had his makeup artist cover it up for the scene – it must have been an embarrassing day! 

Franco explained, “I met [Halston Sage] the day before, and she was beautiful and very sweet, but it’s awkward. You meet each other, and then you’re grinding—you don’t even know her name, barely. You have 20 crewmembers who are also watching you do it. And then, of course, for me, I woke up that morning, and I had a giant pimple on my ass.”

Sex with another man

Kate Winslet probably didn’t find it funny at the time, but she probably laughs about her sex scene in 2008’s Revolutionary Road now. Winslet has a sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, not a horrible person to have a sex scene with, but the director was her husband, Sam Mendes.   

Winslet told The Telegraph. “And Leo was like, ‘Oh, get over it.’ And I’m going, ‘Yeah, a little reminder: You’re my best friend. He’s my husband. This is a bit weird.’” She eventually got over it and won the Golden Globe for her performance. 

Slippery floors

Allison Janney has had a long lustrous career spanning film, television, and theatre. She has her fair share of funny set stories, and they don’t get any better than her sex scene for the 2009 film Life During Wartime. Janney recounted how she and her co-star, Michael Lerner, had a sex scene up against a wall to People Magazine.

Janney explained, “They started spraying us with glistening stuff to make us look sweaty, but no-one seemed to realize that we were standing on a marble floor. They said ‘Action,’ and he pulled me up against the wall, and his feet slipped out from under him, and he went crashing down on the floor.” 

Sweating like crazy

Sex is a light workout, and men can burn 101 calories while having sex. You can work up a sweat during a sex scene, especially when every spotlight & eyeball on set is on you. During Robert Pattinson’s sex scene with Julianne Moore in 2014’s Map to the Stars, Pattinson was sweating profusely. 

In an interview with Heat Magazine, Pattinson explained, “I sweat like a f**king crazy person. I was trying to literally catch drops of sweat to stop them hitting her back. Afterwards, she was like, ‘Are you having a panic attack?’ It was so embarrassing.”

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