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Looking for something sexy and spooky for Fall? Here are some of the best sex scenes in horror movie history.

Get scared – and horny – with the best sex scenes in horror films

Fall may mean spooky season, but it also means cuffing season. Plenty of singles are looking to quarantine with a partner. To kill two birds with one stone, or rather scratch two itches with one hand, here are some of the steamiest, sexiest and goriest sex scenes in cinema history. 

Jennifer’s Body

For a while in the mid 2000s, Megan Fox seemed to be every male and lesbian’s fantasy – until Jennifer’s Body came out in 2009. After her character becomes the virgin victim of a satanic ritual, Fox turns into a flesh-eating demon who seduces men and eats them to gain strength & power. 

Trying to stop her is Amanda Seyfried’s Needy, her former best friend who’s discovering her own sexuality. While their makeout scene is steamy, it’s pretty tame compared to later scenes. For example, the scene where Needy loses her virginity is intercut with Jennifer taking revenge on one of her satan worshipping attackers. Totally badass and a little terrifying.


Similar to Jennifer’s Body, Species follows a young half human/half alien woman having sex and killing her partners. Raised in captivity, Sil (Natasha Henstridge) escapes the government-run lab she’s trapped in to try to reproduce as quickly as possible. 

In her pursuit, numerous attractive people get seduced and murdered. Like everything in life, the tension rises and comes to climax in a very hot and very disturbing hot tub sex scene. It’s clear if aliens ever came down to earth, this wouldn’t be one of the films we’d show them. 

Friday the 13th

One of the most iconic lines of the 2009 remake is about “perfect nipple placement” – which is a thing apparently. Sandwiched between some of the corniest & cringiest dialogue ever written, the sex scene in the newest version of Friday the 13th isn’t great, but most sexual encounters between consenting teenagers aren’t.

While it’s not the steamest thing ever to grace the silver screen, the campy remake is so bad, it’s good. It may not put you in the passionate sex mood, but it may provide some hilarious & silly fodder for your own sexual slasher adventure. 

Embrace of the Vampire

Anyone whose favorite 90s crush was Alyssa Milano knows she tried to shed that image in 1995’s Embrace of the Vampire. Technically soft-core porn, the film follows Milano’s virginal Charlotte Wells, who has very detailed sex dreams about a vampire who wants to whisk her away from her boring boyfriend.

With satin sheets straight out of a romance novel, you can see almost everything in this movie. With plenty of blood, passion, and explicit attention paid to Milano’s breasts, Embrace of the Vampire truly lives up to its name.


An American Werewolf In London

With a few naked moments from lead David Naughton, An American Werewolf in London captures one of the most iconic shower sex scenes in cinematic history. After his friend is killed, David (Naughton) transforms into a werewolf and has passionate sex with his nurse to a Van Morrison song.

Besides breaking hospital protocol, this scene also breaks some horror comedy tropes. Being one of the more tender scenes in the film, the shower scene is what sexual fantasy is made of. 

Brahm Stoker’s Dracula

This sexy adaption of the book that started the vampire craze, features Gary Oldman as the seductive bloodsucker looking for his reincarnated wife in Victorian London. It also features a large number of sex scenes.

One of the more primal yet bizarre moments is between Dracula (Oldman) in a half-vampire/half werewolf state and his newest victim Lucy (Sadie Frost). There’s pretty much representation for every kink you can think of – voyeurism, public indecency, beastiality, and loud moaning. It’s very weird and it shouldn’t hold up, but something about it still gets the blood boiling. 

But if those things don’t float your boat, Keanu Reeves is also in it. Everybody loves Keanu.

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  • Great story! Love your writing style. Made me see things in a new perspective.

    October 20, 2020
  • Great article! Now I have to add more movies to my must watch list! Netflix up!

    October 21, 2020

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