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Not sure where a chatbot fits into your industry? We’ve gathered up the 5 industries where SnatchBot is changing the game.

Here’s how SnatchBot is transforming AI-led customer service

The shift towards utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in serving customers more efficiently has raised the bar for industries looking to differentiate themselves as client-centric. AI allows for round the clock customer care, optimized scheduling, and shortened wait times. 

Chatbots have become the new normal, using AI and language programming software to communicate with humans in a way that feels natural. Chatbots can be programmed to answer specific questions using specific answers, and have evolved from their clunky past into legitimate conversational stand-ins. 

As AI and chatbots become the standard in customer service, Avi Benezra the CTO of SnatchBot has created a versatile and accessible platform that stands out. SnatchBot’s intuitive “no coding skills required” design and their ridiculously competitive price point mean that even the smallest of businesses can benefit from AI assistance.

Not sure where a chatbot fits into your industry? We’ve gathered up the 5 industries where SnatchBot is changing the game.


Weary travellers have no patience for long lines and wait times. Chatbots provide instant answers without the frustrating process of trying to connect with the correct representative. Chatbots can also use guests’ patterns to predict their needs, offering restaurant recommendations and reviews or early check-ins.

How Snatchbot elevates hospitality customers’ experience.

A Snatchbot integrated into a hotel’s social media page can not only target clients with travel on their minds but can also serve as the bridge between social media and the hotel’s booking system. Clients can have their questions answered as they work through the booking process, feeling like they’ve received a personalized experience.

Once a client’s journey begins, they have the ability to check-in remotely through their chatbot, receiving their room number and alerting guest services to have their room key ready by the door. Guests seeking room service can ensure their order is clearly conveyed through their Snatchbot interface. 

As a guest requests recommendations or asks questions, SnatchBot is at the ready with ideas cultivated based on their specific needs and profile. For guests with more complex questions or issues, SnatchBot seamlessly routes them to a human agent, who is now freed up to handle higher-level requests.

It’s easy to see how SnatchBot can elevate the guest experience throughout a hotel stay, inspiring happier customers and higher sales.


Both highly competitive and highly maligned, the airline industry differentiates itself through customer experience. Overbooking, delays, and lost luggage all severely inconvenience travelers, who aren’t shy about sharing their harrowing travel tales. Chatbots can provide relief to overworked service agents by increasing communication and reducing anxiety-inducing wait times.

How Snatchbot elevates airline customers’ experience.

By beginning with social media, airlines can employ their SnatchBot to draw customers in, highlighting special deals on trips, answering questions and facilitating bookings. As customers receive personalized recommendations and targeted deals, they receive a preferential booking experience while the airline received increased reservations.

As their travel approaches, airline passengers can continue their positive experience with SnatchBot offering self-service options for purchases, upgrades, and changes via a simple text. As the unfortunate delays or cancellations happen, Snatchbot keeps travelers updated, and can even manage their reservations via text. 

As air travelers experience the difference that SnatchBot makes in their customer experience, with instant access to reservations, convenient service, and personalization, they develop a new relationship with their airline, creating a new airline of choice.


The finance industry has reaped huge advantages from the implementation of AI. Allowing staggering amounts of data to be drilled down into statistically probable predictions has changed the way we invest and trade. Chatbots elevate the AI experience of the finance sector, well beyond just automated trading.

How Snatchbot elevates finance customers’ experience.

Consumers are becoming increasingly impatient with impersonal and inefficient customer service. Employing SnatchBot can meet clients in their preferred format, where they feel both personally care for, and in control of their interaction.

SnatchBot can offer real-time financial updates, and step in to handle ordinary transactions via text or voice exchanges. Handling retail banking, wealth management, and lending and financing, SnatchBot can analyze spending or rebalance portfolios so that clients can consistently optimize their money. 

When clients have the opportunity to experience personalized financial services that directly affect their wallets in a positive way, they turn into loyal customers who sing the praises of their financial services.


Universities have been at the forefront of implementing chatbots into their interactions with students, who are happy to embrace a variety of portals for instant answers and updates on deadlines, grades, and curriculums. As chatbots increase their usefulness, they are modernizing the education system as a whole.

How SnatchBot elevates the educational experience.

Even before a student enrolls, SnatchBot can provide them with instant answers on the admission process, providing them with personalized answers on everything from fees to class registration questions. Meanwhile, administration staff receives predictive data so they can assess student needs, or offer extra assistance for those falling behind before its too late.

Struggling students can receive tailored instruction from SnatchBot, providing a different approach for challenging concepts and recommending further resources. Furthermore, SnatchBot can provide teachers with further assessments of their students, monitoring their performance so that each student is given the help they need when they need it.

Education is typically the last industry to adopt new technologies, but cost-effective chatbots are undeniably worthy of their huge growth rate in the educational sector as they pave the way for efficient and effective learning.


AI has blown the healthcare system away with its ability to detect and diagnose cancer better than radiologists. The benefits of chatbots and AI in healthcare cannot be understated. Doctors, administrators, and patients can all experience the benefits of chatbots throughout the healthcare industry. 

How SnatchBot elevates the healthcare experience

Patients already endure consistently rising costs and longer wait times for shorter visits from their healthcare providers. Implementing SnatchBot allows patients to expedite the “data dump” they are expected to provide each time they visit a doctor. Choosing their preferred platform, patients can text or talk with their chatbot, and records are instantly checked and updated. Bots can also alert care teams for alarming changes in patients’ health. 

SnatchBot can also deliver notifications, instructions, and refill reminders to patients, saving time and empowering patients to continue their care successfully. SnatchBot streamlines appointment scheduling, admission, discharge, and transfer requests, and even signal hospital staff if a patient needs assistance. Patients receive the care they need while providers are better able to focus their attention on where it really matters.

SnatchBot is changing the way industries interact with their clients, and we are thrilled about the economic and productive shift being made.

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