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Socio is a singer known for his unique pop R&B sound, poetic lyrics, smooth vocal delivery, and impressive range, bringing his melodic sound to the masses.

“Melodic sound”: Interview with rising American R&B artist Socio

Justin Baker aka Socio is a singer known for his unique pop R&B sound, poetic lyrics, smooth vocal delivery, and impressive range.

Socio was born on 7th June 1994, in Sterling, Virginia. Working towards his anticipated reality– Socio has R&B superstar ambitions. Hard to classify in one genre, Socio’s unique sound doesn’t stick to the typical song formula. With music that features a warm, melancholic, melodic sound, listeners feel his raw and authentic emotion.

Socio wants listeners to listen to music “about the rest of life.” Quite an unusual mission, you might say! Socio’s music is all about introspection. He is synonymous with a more captive & thoughtful flavor in R&B music, probably because he doesn’t adhere strictly to the traditional themes in the industry. In fact, Socio wants to sing about hopes, dreams, and the aspirations of an average individual, rising beyond just relationships & love-making.

In a chat with the FilmDaily team, we asked Socio few questions:

Being from Virginia, what is the art scene like there?

Virginia is diverse; there’s a lot of different cultures in Virginia. I born in Sterling, Virginia, and having different friends with different backgrounds, listening to different music has influenced me a lot with my music taste. I found my inspiration from that diversity. Virginia has its own unique vibe.

How hard is it to tap the US market?

It’s hard because when it comes to the type of music I make: R&B. It’s a lot of pop, rock, and alternative. There’s not a huge scene for R&B, so it is quite hard.

What would you say has been your key to your musical success thus far? How do you make yourself stand out?

With my sound, I try to be as experimental as I can. I always try new things, and I write through my own experiences. I try to open up, express myself, my story. I think people connect with that, easily. That’s what makes them listen to what I make. When they find something they like, they share it with other people. That starts a whole fanbase. That’s how I got to where I [am]—always trying to be myself when it comes to my music.

What advice do you have to give yourself to stay grounded?

Come back to my roots. Be with the people I grew up with: My family, my friends, people I’ve been hanging around since the start. Those people remind you where you come from. It’s always: Be humble.

What are your plans for 2020?

With such a confident outlook towards life and music, there is no doubt that 2020 is going to be my year all the way. I’m soon collaborating with some really talented artists and producers and he’s planning to release an EP by early this year.

Socio currently has a good number of tracks and four EPs released on popular music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more. With his following rapidly growing over these platforms, he has garnered a huge number of streams that have been continuously growing. However, he believes that he still has a long way to go in his career.

For more information visit his website, and make sure you follow SOCIO on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify

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