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Wait, what? After widespread reporting that the former Bond girl Tanya Roberts had passed away her rep is now saying she's actually alive.

Bond Girl Tanya Roberts *isn’t* dead after all? What is going on?

The internet went into mourning for the iconic actress Tanya Roberts, since it was announced by her husband & her representative that she passed away in California on Sunday.

However, now the internet is saying the famed Bond Girl is still alive. How did this misunderstanding happen, and is Tanya Roberts dead or alive? Here’s what we know about the situation as it’s currently developing.

Reportedly dead

Everyone was told that Tanya Roberts had died. Even TMZ checked with Roberts’s representative, Mike Pingel, and he confirmed the news. TMZ also got a quote from Tanya’s husband where he said: “As I held her in her last moments, she opened her eyes.”

Multiple members of Roberts’s family also said they had been called by Roberts’s husband, Lance – and his calls informed them of Tanya’s death. News outlets like CNN  & Vulture also wrote articles declaring the beloved actress was no longer alive.

Due to what seemed like undeniable truth, earlier today we published a memorial article celebrating Roberts’s career – from being a Bond Girl to her cult-classic movie Sheena: Queen of the Jungle to her role in That 70s Show. While we’re more than happy to celebrate the actress’s achievements, it seems that her career might not yet be in the past tense.

Why do we think she’s alive?

According to Pingel, he got a call from the hospital this morning around 10:00 AM today – the call informed him that Tanya Roberts is alive.

Pingel said he was told by Lance O’Brien that Tanya had passed away on January 3rd after being hospitalized on Christmas Eve due to the fact she had passed out as she was getting home from walking her dog.

Is she alive or not?

At the moment it’s hard to know what to believe, and due to the strange nature of all this, unless the internet is given video proof of Tanya Roberts alive & well there will continue to be confusion and skepticism.

Right now, this seems more like a Schrödinger’s situation and FilmDaily isn’t ready to fully announce that Roberts is alive – at the moment we’re saying it’s possible she may still be alive.

How could a mix-up like this happen?

Apparently, Lance O’Brien truly thought his wife had passed away – although it’s rather uncommon for a hospital to call time of death when a patient is still alive these days, it’s not impossible – though it is extremely unlikely. Then again, we also don’t know for certain that a time of death had been called – it’s being said it was the hospital that informed Pingel of the fact Tanya is alive.

Honestly, with this new claim of the former Bond Girl still being alive, O’Brien’s quote on his wife’s last few moments are almost comical. Why would he think she would open her eyes as she died? Usually opening one’s eyes is a good sign of recovery. While we’re questioning things, it also seems strange that Pingel would get the hospital call and not Tanya’s husband, Lance.

This appears to be a strange communication error – at least that’s what Vulture has called the situation, but nobody has explained exactly how something like this gets so poorly miscommunicated. Hopefully we’re all given more detailed answers soon, and hopefully this new (strange) update is true and Tanya Roberts is still alive.

In the end, we could conjecture all day long, but we can only wait to get some concrete information.

How do you think this communication error happened? Do you think Tanya Roberts is still alive? Let us know your craziest theories about this baffling situation in the comments below.

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