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Thai dramas have steadily become international successes over the past few years. Here are some crazy 'TharnType' season 2 theories.

‘TharnType’ season 2 theories: They’re totally crazy and we love it

Thai dramas have steadily become international successes over the past few years. From Netflix’s deliciously twisted anthology Girl from Nowhere to their college melodrama Love Sick, the audience for dramas from abroad has never been bigger, and it’s never been easier to access them.

One series that has become a hit in the U.S., despite not being carried by any major streaming services, is TharnType. The BL (“boy love”) series has achieved a devoted fan base despite its niche reach because its character development and depictions of a gay relationship are so raw, yet nuanced.

Spoilers ahead for season one – and potentially season two

TharnType’s plot revolves around the aggressive homophobe Type as he slowly falls for his kind and openly gay roommate, Tharn. Type’s change is so gradual and full of setbacks & drama that it may be the most nuanced and authentic portrayal of a closeted gay character coming to terms with his sexuality ever captured on television. 

TharnType season 1 ends as Tharn & Type come out as a couple, defend each other against rivals & enemies, and begin a new life together. The series so far has covered the first two (out of three) novels by Orawan Vichayawannaku (pen name MAME). Since the third novel has yet to be covered, it can be assumed season 2 will follow its story.

Most online fan theories spring from that assumption, and though things could change in the adaptation, looking at the second season’s title – TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love – the second season will likely follow the third book’s time skip forward. 

Here are some of the current predictions for where TharnType will go, along with all the wild & crazy twists & turns it has yet to throw at us.

Time Skip

As mentioned above, the third book and apparently the second season will feature a long jump forward in time: seven years. Tharn & Type will have long since graduated and are settled comfortably in their relationship. This is where the story will pick up, and presumably, the characters will be nigh-unrecognizable from their younger personas. 

Time skips can seem like a cheap way to speed up character development, but if done correctly, contrasts to characters’ earlier lives and contrasting storylines only applicable for older characters can result – which brings us to the next theory.

Mid-Life Crisis Drama

While Tharn & Type wouldn’t be middle-aged just seven years out of school, they will be concretely “adults”. Like all adult relationships, especially long-standing ones, there will be new challenges – and new drama – as it progresses.

MAME’s third novel chronicles a rough patch in Tharn & Type’s relationship as Tharn becomes jealous of a younger man interested in Type. The men spend time apart, and it may be unclear whether they’ll ever repair their relationship.

TharnType not only compliments the older status of the characters – many older couples deal with fears of a younger man or woman swooping in on a spouse/partner – but also provides a nice counter to the first season: Tharn is now the emotional and jealous type.

Shipping Other Characters

There was some fan support for shipping the male duo Champ & Techno together due to their very close bond and comfort around each other. 

While this would deviate from the source material, a Champ-Techno pair-up would provide an interesting new path for TharnType to take: focusing upon another couple with unique trials & tribulations. The focus on multiple gay couples would emphasize that every couple is unique and that the community cannot be painted with broad strokes.

Expanding the Story

Jumping off the shipping deck, there are a multitude of story paths fans have been curious about that were left unexplored in the original stories. Since the first season covered two novels in its runtime, it would only make sense that TharnType season 2, which only has one book to work with, would add in material of its own.

One option is to have Type’s father mend his relationship with his son & Tharn. Another? Introducing several new characters to have more variety and allow the main couple more interactions and stories outside the main relationship drama.

Some of the bonus chapters of the book series, much like the bonus episodes from season 1, give us glimpses of Tharn & Type at different stages of their relationship: 3, 5, 7, and 10 years later.

Perhaps the season 2’s title is vague enough that all these stages will be explored throughout the season. Or maybe we’ll get a season spanning several years in plot, with the events of the third book serving as the second half of the season – including an epilogue showing the couple on their decade anniversary. 

The details of TharnType are still very uncertain, so fan speculation has been kept rather limited. These theories remain distinct possibilities, and any one of these choices may even elevate season 2 above the debut.

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