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We found a great list of time travel movies, as well as a useful way to rank them. Here's everything you need to know.

The most comprehensive time travel movie list ever made

Many of us are always fascinated by the idea of time travel. The idea is so intriguing that we cannot help but wish we could travel through time. This fascination has even become the subject of numerous movies. These movies have been able to enchant us profoundly with this science-fiction concept.

All these movies are not quite easy to shoot. That’s the reason we have seen some films failing to capture the time travel subject effectively. The failure is normally due to the inability to conceive and execute the complex concept along with prolific and memorable characters.

Some time travel movies have a brilliant plot but mess-up the timelines while some others have the timelines nailed down, but with boring characters and plot. However, we also have enough films that have been able to effectively use the logic, craft, creative stories and characters, and grace our cinemas over time.

We recently found this list by This Is Barry cataloging the best time travel movies of all times. This list is presently one of the biggest compilations on the internet.

The reasons we find this list to be a very helpful guide to choose time travel movies to watch are:

  • The list is comprehensive and still growing with the inclusion of over 45 movies.
  • The movies have been ordered and rated based on Barry’s Time Travel Review Score. The proprietary BaTTR Score is created to specifically rate time travel movies. Awesome, right? BaTTR Score uses four factors to score any time travel movie.

In this next section, we’ll talk about the four vital parameters used by the BaTTR Score to rate a time travel movie.

1. The Mechanics Score in BaTTR 

The first parameter is based on the core concept of time travel (machinery, gadgets, theories): the Mechanics Score examines how the time travel happens in the movies, whether there is a new concept or the use of unique gadgets. A time travel movie is always more captivating when there is a unique integration of mechanics into the plot – like Back To The Future’s DeLorean.

2. The Repercussion Score in BaTTR  

The second score is on the aftermath of time traveling: BaTTR scores time travel movies on how they effectively portrayed the story and the aftermath of time travel. A film becomes more interesting when time travel makes things more complex. Primer is a great example.

3. The Coherence Score in BaTTR 

The third score is on the coherence of the movie. The Coherence Score focuses on how correct the movie is about its timelines. Is it well done or full of plot-holes? Great time travel films encompass complexity in its production and still execute the timelines consistently. The classic, 12 Monkeys, is an apt example.

4. The Rewatchability Score in BaTTR 

The fourth score is pretty simple, it is the Rewatchability of the time travel movie. Would the audience watch the film once? Or would they rewatch it many times? For example, have you ever gotten bored of the first two Terminator movies? 

The rating concept and the list is very thorough, and all the time travel movies are arranged in reverse order of their ranking. It is very easy to identify and watch all the time travel movies based on their individual scores. The bonus is that many of the confusing movies also include detailed explanation by This Is Barry with timeline diagrams.

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