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There’s something about Asian dramas that gets us hooked to them. Thinking of watching 'Bad Romance'? Here's why you should watch 'Together with me'.

Thinking of watching ‘Bad Romance’? Watch ‘Together with Me’ instead

There’s something about Asian dramas that gets us hooked to them. The aftertaste of watching a Thai boy love drama is reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli experience: unalloyed satisfaction, immersive viewing experience, nostalgia for a world we didn’t even know existed. 

If you watch movies to escape into a soulful world, Thai boy love dramas are waiting for you to swoon over. 

Thai dramas for the soul

Perhaps the allure of the Thai boy love dramas lies in the fact that they showcase love in its purest form. Of course, these are still dramas – including all the ups & downs, twists & turns – but the series give expression to love beyond the binaries. 

Even so, when it comes to Thai boy love dramas, the risk is enormous. What risk, exactly? Well, it’s drama series can mess up depicting anything outside the norm, especially in a conservative mediascape.

One wrong depiction – or one beaten stereotype – and they could offend the LGBTQ community, too. Thankfully, most boy love dramas manage to pass this test and garner heartfelt responses from audiences. Let’s talk about two such series: Bad Romance and Together with Me.

How bad is the romance?

Bad Romance happens to be one of the most popular Thai dramas on television. Adapted from the eponymous novel in 2016, the series follows the story of Yihwa, a girl with the misconception that the boy in love with her, Cho, is gay. Instead, she thinks he’s trying to get into her good books to get closer to her gay friend. 

Of course, that’s not the case. After they meet at a party, Cho pursues Yihwa but fails gloriously. Eventually, the confusion is dispelled.

Bad Romance also traces the story of another couple – the actual boy love characters – Knock & Korn. The drama sets off to a great start with a likeable plot. Yihwa is shown to be fierce & independent while the gay couple undoubtedly look great together. 

But Bad Romance’s plot struggles to stay afloat as it progresses. Some scenes seem half-baked, while some other moments seem forced. Balancing two stories unfortunately leads to neither reaching full potential. As adorable as Yihwa & Cho are, Bad Romance turns out to be a feeble, one-time watch.  

Together with Me: For a great time

What if we told you that you can actually dive deeper into Knock & Korn’s past? What if you could follow them blossoming as a couple? Even better – what if you could see Knock accepting his sexuality after a heartbreaking array of fights? Doesn’t that sound infinitely better than Bad Romance

Together with Me is actually the first series in a set of three that follow the lives of Knock, Korn, Yihwa, and others in this universe. With Together With Me, you get a chance to witness some absolutely adorable moments between Knock and Korn – with no straight couple to steal the limelight.

These cute moments that everyone keeps talking about are many – some riddled with sexual tension, some realizations and confessions, and some others a tad less intense. Seen in its entirety, Together with Me is a treat for the dramatic viewer. The undeniable chemistry is just icing on the cake.

There’s a lot to learn about relationships from the lives of Knock & Korn. So if you’re tempted to settle down with your ice cream bowl and bingewatch a sappy romance, Together with Me is a safer bet; Bad Romance can wait.

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  • There three part…together with me, bad romance and together with me the next chapter….i want tk know which is first and which is second and thire…so that i can watch them in sequence…i had watch together with me the series

    September 19, 2020
    • Please tell me

      September 19, 2020
  • Even though Bad romance released first, TWM is the first in storyline order.

    And TWM Next Chapter is about their life after officially becoming boyfriends.
    Reply for Darshan

    September 23, 2020

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