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We’ve shared some pretty dark memes in the past. Here are some dark humor memes that really hit a bit too hard!

Blacker than your heart: These dark humor memes hit a bit too hard

We’ve shared some pretty dark memes in the past and you might have thought you’ve already witnessed the most evil and callous of humor, but we assure you, you haven’t. You might have to go old school grandma after this one. Instead of washing your mouth out with soap, we recommend you wash out your eyeballs – and maybe your soul while you’re at it. 

These dark humor memes aren’t even dark. They go way past dark humor and plunge into black humor. Viewer discretion is advised. If your soul isn’t as dark as the emptiness of space you might want to look away. These dark humor memes hit a bit too hard. 

Yeah, teacher 

Your dark humor is not sophisticated enough. 

What? He’s just following Disney’s advice 

“If you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true.” No one said anything about it being a good kind of dream. 

To be fair . . . 

Maybe his dad was a butthole. 

Yeah . . . 

We have nothing to add to that. Just take in the blackness of that humor and move on. 

New lyrics 

If only the evil in Hitler had been something as curable as a cold. 

This one might take you a second 

But once you get it you’ll facepalm. 

But his face looks so innocent 

That’s what that hand’s been doing? 

Oh, children 

You misunderstand. 

The man’s trying to better himself 

Unfortunately, that’s not how that piece of advice was supposed to go down. 


But our therapists tell us that’s never the ultimate solution. 

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