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Is this a joke? Laugh with the rest of the internet about U.S. President Donald Trump's Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

The best memes reacting to Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize nom

Today it was announced that President Donald Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. He was nominated by Christian Tbring-Gjedde, a Norwegian politician who is known for having far-right ideals. The nomination was made in light of the fact Trump was recently credited with aiding in the creation of a peace deal between Israel & the United Arab Emirates.

Gjedde told Fox News, “The committee should look at the facts and judge him on the facts – not on the way he behaves sometimes.” Not everyone agreed with this statement.

Thus, the internet did what the internet does best – they reacted via memes. Whether you agree with the Nobel Peace Prize nomination or not, here are some of the hilarious internet reactions.


Really this meme just gets straight to the point. There’s no question how this person feels on the subject.

Consolation prize

It turns out the answer to this question might be “yes” after all.

Or lipstick on a pig

Tell us how you really feel, why don’t you? This meme’s creator certainly feels passionate.

To be a fly on the wall of the committee

Really though, what do you think the committee was thinking when that happened?

Can’t make fetch happen either

The person who made this meme is clearly in denial.

Keeping interesting company

When you put it that way . . . maybe the Nobel Peace Prize isn’t much of an honor.


2020 keeps throwing curveballs and yet people are still surprised by it every time.

U.S. president = Nobel Peace Prize?

Maybe we just . . . stop nominating U.S. presidents for a while? It’s getting weird.

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