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Wondering where TV shows get their music from? Here's everything you might need to know on the subject and a little bit more.

Where do TV shows get music from?

The TV industry lives on ratings. Therefore, the more people are involved in a show, the more expensive its advertising slot is. What is it for? And besides, TV scripts are not only a great way to register your creation, but also to make money. And where there is financial turnover, there is copyright fraud.

Free legal music for TV projects is a legend that no one believes in anymore. You need to find a track suitable for the concept of the program and at the same time not violate copyright. Of course, any professional team knows where to get such music and on what rights to use it in their projects. Yes, now, of course, we will talk about audio stocks or large music platforms, on which you can always find royalty free music for various kinds of projects.

Musical works that can be used legally are found in catalogs provided on such sites, which we told you about above. It provides information on the rules for using compositions – whether it can be included in commercial projects, broadcast on TV, for how many viewers it is intended, how much it costs to use it, and much more.

The best option in such a situation would be to use free music for distribution, not strictly protected by copyright, but you still have to buy it or hire your own team, which will write you unique music, the rights to which will belong to you. Some sites provide good options for creating your own sound background, which even a schoolboy can use, but then you will come to make great efforts to date music, find a suitable timbre and much more.

How not to miscalculate with a license

We think it’s worth talking about it. Often, any television program uses music from audio stocks or other music platforms. Before starting a project and approving the estimate of any program, you need to select the correct type of license for the music purchased on the stock, otherwise the project may be closed, and the organizers may be fined.

You can pay a different amount for the same track – from $ to $ 900 and even more. The amount depends on the type of use license required for the project and on the music itself. required by the organizers.

The most widespread and frequently used type of license is Standart. Of course, this option among others attracts with its price, because the price tag for it is much lower than for other types of licenses, but there is one problem – it will not work for TV programs. This is always a cheap option, it is suitable for commercial videos, private non-commercial projects, in a word, for all works that do not involve monetization and collection of money for viewing, and as you yourself understand, TV programs do not belong to such.

If a television project assumes circulation, and he will in any case expect it, since the profit of not one person, but the whole team or even a channel is envious of this, then a Premium / Mass Reproduction license is required.

Many well-developing stocks that provide a wide selection of high-quality music have a separate type of license for different broadcasts, which is called Broadcast. Basically, by broadcasting they mean traditional TV and radio programs or their online versions. Here the cost of the license depends on the number of viewers. For example, up to a million is the local level, from 1–10 million at the regional level, more than 10 million at the national level.

But if you are a regular streamer, do not worry, this license does not apply to streams and home broadcasts, the Standard license is enough here.

The most expensive type of license is film. This option should be chosen if the music from the stock will be used in a rental movie and television series.

Each stock evaluates licenses differently and sets different conditions, we told you about the division of these licenses and which one is better to use for different purposes. If you could not find the type of license you need, it is better to discuss all the details of the project with the sound production team in advance so that they can help you use the stock music correctly and legally.

Thus, the global music industry is looking for its own need for any projects, and even more so for a television format. The tele format market is very profitable, so its participants are trying in every possible way to regulate their relations with the music field.

Good and correct musical accompaniment can be called the basis of the show. To date, there is no established definition of the television format of music; each project chooses or creates music specifically for himself.

And in anticipation of new television programs, we wish their creators creative inspiration, original ideas and opportunities for their implementation with good and high-quality music.

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