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Twitter will take any opportuntiy to make memes and this viral video about Twisted Tea is certainly no different.

Twitter makes more memes: This time it’s about Twisted Tea?

Twitter loves to make memes. The social networking site has plenty of toxic attributes, but the constant churn of memes is (usually) not one of them.

Today the subject of the meme-making-machine is alcohol company Twisted Tea – but it’s definitely not for any of the reasons you’re immediately assuming. Apparently a racist in a convenience store started to act, well, racist and one gentleman decided to put the guy in his place by smacking him upside the head with, you guessed it, a can of Twisted Tea.

It’s hard not to find the outcome amusing – provided you aren’t racist. So, Twitter started making jokes about the video that started going viral. (We will not be sharing the original video in this article since it contains both offensive language and violence that can be hard to watch. If you’re interested you can find it on Twitter yourself.) Here are the best memes Twitter has to offer about getting knocked out with a can of tea.

Still feeling the holiday spirit

All the best Christmas carols demand the halls be decked in holly – this guy was merely doing his best to make carolers everywhere proud.

Multi-layered meme

This meme is fantastic. It references two other internet memes, (one from October of this year, and a trend from years ago where people would post two selfies saying “I can be your angel or your devil) while capitalizing on the current latest trending topic – pure genius.

Problem solved

Nobody will mess with you if you have a Twisted Tea on hand anymore, and if they do it won’t be hard to solve that problem. This alcoholic tea packs a punch in more than one way.

Act of aggression

Walking into a party with a Twisted Tea is now practically an act of aggression according to Twitter. You might as well waltz in brandishing a knife.

Four memes, one tweet

We couldn’t pass up sharing this tweet – it has four memes for the price of one click. Each one hits just a little different, but our favorite is the one where Twisted Tea comes and takes the crown of “favorite canned alcohol” from White Claw and Truly.

Giggling in private

Listen, violence is wrong. What happened in the original video is assault (although. . . the guy did literally ask to be hit.) However, it’s hard to be mad when a racist gets put in their place.

The best free marketing

Twisted Tea – the drink of choice for anyone who isn’t a racist. They do say that any PR is good PR, and it appears it’s already working.

Yep, that’ll do it

You wouldn’t think a can could be so intimidating, but we’d be pretty nervous about someone looking like they’re about ready to swing a can of Twisted Tea.

Taking one for the team

The Twisted Tea might have sacrificed itself in the line of duty, but we salute it for its work.

Dangerous weapon

You can get a permit, but for now you’re still not allowed a concealed carry. You must keep it visible at all times.

What do you think? What’s your new favorite Twisted Tea Twitter meme? Is it on this list or is there a different one you think we should have included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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