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Getting a security camera is a great choice for keeping your home safe, but it's also great for keeping an eye on your fluffy friends.

Want to watch your pets this quarantine? Get a home security system

Quarantine meant staying home for work, from parties, heck for a lot of people it also meant staying home from grocery shopping by having them delivered. This means our pets have been right by our sides nearly nonstop for the last few months. However, now that restrictions on lifting in some places we’re having to leave them behind once more.

Now, most articles floating around have been talking about how our pets are potentially going to experience separation anxiety since they’ve become accustomed to having their people home 24/7. However, what nobody has mentioned yet, is that us humans might also have a bit of a tough time not being able to reach down and pet our fluffy friends whenever we want to.

The solution? A home security system. Now, having a security camera service might sound like an expensive way to keep tabs on your pet, but obviously it’s also just a great idea to have one of these for actual security purposes. It’s just that on the day-to-day, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to sneak a peek at what your pup or cat is up to while you’re away.

Cameras can be placed both indoors and outdoors so even if your dog is enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sun of your backyard you can still see him lounging. And never fear, security cameras may have the reputation of low quality, hard to make out footage, in a small square box, but HD footage in a nice 16:9 aspect ratio is more than available these days.

Better yet, if your cat isn’t in her usual spot on the couch and you’re not sure where she’s wandered off to, many security cameras have a plan-tilt-zoom capability where you can remotely control the camera to look around the room.

There’s also absolutely no need to have any technical knowledge whatsoever these days as any good reputable company will offer the services of their own professional security camera installers as well as security consulting. Having security camera installers put your security system in means no hassle, and no worry of messing anything up.

All you need to do is download an app to your phone so you can check in on your home, and your pet(s) from wherever you may be. This allows you to see that your home, and your pet(s) are nice and safe.

And if you’re worried about big cameras looking junky, obvious, or obtrusive, you don’t have to be. There are multiple hidden camera choices in various shapes and sizes and can even be inserted into places such as smoke detectors.

Michigan Security Cameras is a great company to check out if you’re in the state or in Northern Ohio, if you need security cameras in Dearborn then they have you covered.

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