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Ran out of recipes for edibles? Here's a helpful guide focused on weed consumption for first-timers.

Edible recipes: Helpful weed consumption guide for first-timers

For a beginner with weed, the choices can be overwhelming. Whether it is products, strains, or methods of consumption, there is a lot on offer and you are bound to be puzzled about where to start. When it comes to consumption methods, you can opt for something traditional such as joints and pipes or experiment with cool edibles. 

Everything boils down to your preference and inclination to experiment. Still, it makes sense to know your options well enough before taking the plunge so that you have a better way to start and subsequently switch to new variants. Here is a helpful weed consumption guide for the beginners.


If you are keen on tasting rather than only experiencing weed, oral consumption is the best choice for you. With this option, you gave two choices, edibles and sublingual. Edibles come in a wide variety, from cookies to pills and other snacks. You can even try some amazing cannabis recipes at home. 

With edibles, you can expect the high to last longer though it takes longer to kick in. Sublingual products, as the name suggests, are administered under the tongue. Since they are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly, you can feel the effect fast. Drinks, tinctures, and lozenges are the most common sublingual products.


Over the years, inhalation remains the most popular consumption method for newbies as well as seasoned users. It gives you the kick you want and there’s nothing much you need to do to get started.  You just have to buy dried bud from a reputed dispensary, explore bongs for sale, buy a starter size, and take your first puff. Pipes are also a good option because they are easy to use and portable as well. 

You can smoke pre-rolled joints or make them on your own. Vape pens use cannabis concentrates and are also popular for beginners because of their ease of use. With the inhalation, you get high quickly, so it is important to start with a controlled dosage. Consider the choice that suits you best for the first attempt and you can gradually try other inhalation options as well.


Another form of consumption you can try as a starter is topicals, which are available as oils, lotions, or patches. These products contain decarboxylated cannabinoids, which are absorbed through the skin. Rather than getting you high, this variant offers local relief. Dermal topicals work only in the area of application and are used for treating problems such as sore muscles or skin ailments. 

On the other hand, transdermal topicals get absorbed through the skin and can heal areas away from the application site. Typically, topical products are meant for medical use while oral and inhalable ones can be useful for medicinal and recreational effects.

Now that you are aware of the available options in cannabis consumption methods, the choice will be easier. Although you may want to try them all, it always makes sense to start with the one that fits your lifestyle and would be in your comfort zone. Once you are there, you can surely keep experimenting!

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