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Yang Mi has been making waves in a variety of projects, but specifically in C-dramas. Here's why you need to fall in love with Yang Mi.

Here’s why you need to fall in love with Yang Mi

If you haven’t fallen into the world of Chinese and Korean dramas, you’re truly missing out. There’s a lot of content and actors to love in western media if you look in the right places on Netflix. The Untamed, East of Eden, The Kingdom, Descendants of the Sun, and a million other shows are out there and ready for your pleasure.

Of course, you need convincing that it’s worth your time to jump into the world of K-drama and C-drama. How about following along actress Yang Mi? The 33-year-old Chinese actress has been making waves in a variety of projects, but specifically in C-dramas. If you want to get into C-dramas, let’s get you into Mi. 

Where did Mi get her start?

Mi actually has a history as a child actor, as her first role was at the age of 4 on the historical series Tang Ming Huang. Two years later, Mi got her first film role in the kung fu flick King of Beggars. Up until the late 2000s, Mi mainly just played small supporting roles in a variety of TV shows and films until she got her big break. 

Where would I know Mi from?

Obviously, if you don’t watch C-dramas, you’re probably not going to recognize Mi from anywhere, though she was the Chinese voice dub for Mei Mei in Kung Fu Panda 3. But if you have dabbled into the C-drama lifestyle, you’ve most likely seen her in Beijing Love Story, Swords of Legends, and The Interpreter and its spin-off, Negotiator

So she mostly does period pieces?

No, and that’s the magic of Mi’s range. While she’s often cast in fantasy and period C-dramas, her work on The Interpreter gained her widespread acclaim in a more modern drama as a career woman falling for her mentor. She’s so good, they invited her back for the spinoff Negotiator in a different role, as a bold negotiator dealing with a rich heir who wants nothing to do with his family’s company. 

Even in film, Mi gets to push her boundaries even further, like her award-winning role in Reset. Playing a researcher dealing with time travel and wormholes is a new experience for Mi, yet she nailed it and gained award attention for her turn in Reset. She’s done mystery (The Bullet Vanishes), horror (Mysterious Island), and rom-coms (The Breakup Guru), proving the variety of her talents.

Does Mi do anything else besides act?

We’re glad you asked. She also was on the most recent season of China’s Got Talent as a judge, showing she can do more than just be a pretty face and read a script. She can also be judgemental when needed. But it does take a lot to judge a reality show competition, so Mi judging shows she’s willing to take on the extra challenges.

She’s also a talented singer, with her 2012 debut album Close to Me. She also has several songs featured in projects, including a few songs she recorded for projects she was starring in. Her more successful songs are featured in Beijing Love Story and Palace

Most impressive of all, Mi has her own production company. JayWalk Studio or Jiaxing Media was founded by Mi in collaboration with H&R Century Pictures. Mi’s dramas The Interpreter and Negotiator were both produced through JayWalk Studios, as well as The Flame’s Daughter and Eternal Love. JayWalk Studios even has a deal with The Walt Disney Company to help produce live-action films in China. 

Mi is more than just a pretty face who can act. Her career proves it, as she’s been the lead of a variety of TV shows and movies, owns part of her own company, and has a successful singing career. If you want to see one of the queens of China, it’s easily Yang Mi. 

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  • She’s a terrible singer, but pretty good a drawing cartoons.

    March 3, 2020
  • Yang Mi has got my heart strings busting out. She is definitely a planetary Goddess and hope to see her
    in other venues where she can showcase her talent in international films much like Ziyi Zhang.

    May 15, 2020
  • She is indeed a talented and versatile actress, not only that. She’s is smart, she has an amazing. Talent.

    May 16, 2020
  • She is the best!

    October 21, 2020

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