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Converters have been around for a better part of a decade now. Here's the best YouTube video converter in 2020.

The best YouTube video converter in 2020

Converters have been around for a better part of a decade now. The main objective of using a converter was to be able to download content straight from Youtube to mp3 on your desktop or mobile. Nowadays people simply stream music on their preferred device through online streaming services, however, that was not the case back then.

People looking to download MP3 formats from YouTube would be looking to use a YouTube to MP3 converter. These became very popular in the old days when there was no access to streaming services or when streaming services were limited to certain regions. People would launch up these YouTube converter sites for all their download needs.

What happened to converters?

Although highly popular in the old days, converters have lost their charm recently. With so many different music streaming services out there, people have started subscribing to them as a trendier way of staying on top of music and podcasts.

There are several reasons why people shifted to streaming services rather than using YouTube to MP3 converters.

Converters had clutter: 

Back in those days, people saw the internet as the means to generate quick revenue and never thought about the fact that having too many ads on their page could be a serious distraction. YouTube to MP3 converter sites were filled with ads making it difficult for users to navigate through the page without being accidentally redirected to another website.

Converters had a daily limit: 

There were some really good converters that had very less ads. However, what made them redundant was the daily limit imposed. Users were not allowed to convert and download more than 5 YouTube videos in a day. 

Once they would touch the limit, users would have to wait 24 hours before they could convert any more or simply upgrade their account to premium. Premium accounts had monthly subscription fees which was a huge turn off for people looking for a quick fix to downloading their favorite YouTube videos.

Converters became unreliable: 

Just like many trends, converters ten years ago became very popular. Thousands of developers created their own YouTube to MP3 converters to be part of the hype train. What they didn’t realize was the continuous maintenance the site required. Slowly developers started to take a step back from their converter projects and these sites that were once great now started to have so many issues. Due to inactive management, YouTube to MP3 converters started to have a lot of bugs and errors that would not allow users to download their favorite video from YouTube.

All the above reasons are why people started to shift towards music streaming services. While paying a small monthly fee, users can enjoy unlimited access to music without ads and can download their songs whenever they want on whatever device they prefer. 

However, this article is for those that want a solution that has all the added advantages of using a music streaming service without having to pay a single penny. We’ve got just the thing for you.

The YouTube to MP3 converter is a 100% online YouTube to MP3 converter that allows users to download their favorite YouTube video into MP3. It does not have any ads on the website and does not feature any clutter making it very easy to navigate through the website. GO-Mp3 is very fast and uses cloud technology to convert all YouTube to MP3 online before downloading it to your preferred device. It can even run on android and iOS without the need for installing any software. 

Using it is very simple. Launch website, paste in the link to the video you wish to convert in the link bar, and press search. Once it searches the video from the YouTube database, you can download it without any hassle. It’s that easy and free, try now!

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