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Could this be the scariest disappearance on 'Dateline NBC'? Learn about how someone can suddenly vanish without a trace.

‘Dateline’ NBC: Will this unsolved case find answers?

Zachary Pruitt was last seen on July 28 of this year at the Kwik Shop gas station in Dry Fork, Virginia – a store he regularly visits. His purchase was simply a Monster energy drink, and those who worked there & recognized Pruitt found nothing in the exchange to be out of the ordinary.

Zachary Pruitt is 25 years old, and his twin sister, on behalf of the family, told Dateline NBC, “Even if he took off for a couple days, he would make contact with one of us. But it’s been too long. He would never go this long.”

On July 27, the day before he was last seen, Pruitt was working in construction as per usual. He wasn’t scheduled to work the next day and texted his boss that he’d be back on the 29th, but he never showed. The family became increasingly worried when he didn’t check in with his grandmother. He frequently checks in with her & helps around the home, especially ever since his grandfather died.

His sister Rikki said to Dateline NBC, “We just want to know he’s okay”.

Pruitt’s car – a gray 2006 Pontiac G6 – is also missing. However, when the police performed a wellness check on July 31 they found Pruitt’s phone & wallet. The wallet still contained his bank card, some cash, and his ID.

Both Rikki and her sister Krista went to Virginia in order to look for their brother and post fliers around town – something which was made more difficult thanks to the pandemic.

Rikki also said to Dateline NBC, “After all that we’ve been going through, now our brother is missing. And we’ve done all we can, so now we’re just waiting. Waiting for some good news.”

Pruitt’s twin sister said she has no idea where her brother could or what may have happened. She also has a hard time believing anyone would want to hurt her brother. She searched some of the areas where her brother likes to go fishing, but there was no trace of him.

A few days before Zachary disappeared he had visited his older sister, Krista, at the beach in North Carolina and FaceTimed his twin, happily greeting his nieces.

The family is understandably worried and just want to see him come home safely. They’ve set up a Help Find Zachary Pruitt Facebook group in the hopes some new information may come to light, though currently the group is mostly filled with well wishes.

Pruitt is 5 foot eight inches tall and weighs about 190 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a deer tattoo on his left leg, a number tattoo on his right shoulder, and a few other miscellaneous tattoos. He needs glasses and frequently wears a baseball cap.

If you think you know anything about Zachary Pruitt’s disappearance or where he might be then it’s asked that you call the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office. Their number is (434) 432-7931.

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