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Sex in 2020 can be a lonely endeavor. Keep yourself company with the hottest sex scenes movies & TV had to offer over the past twelve months!

2020 wasn’t completely terrible: The best sex scenes from movies this year

“Netflix and chill” may look a little different for many of us in 2020 since most of us are flying solo these days. Luckily, there are some movie scenes that give us plenty of inspiration!

Evan, Bel, and Genesis in Knock, Knock

It’s a campy, erotic horror film and overall, it’s just as good as you might expect from the description. But now that it’s on Netflix, it’s definitely worth watching for this threesome scene.

The orgy scene in White Lines

This show starts out with a bang – an exciting, explicit masked orgy scene. Both the beautiful beaches & lovely people make this one worth watching over and over again. (The plot can be hard to follow, so you’ll be forgiven for not watching the rest of it!)

Mina & Charlie in The Rental

It starts in a hot tub and ends in a shower, and while it’s not the most graphic or the most artistic, it has a real, gritty feel that makes you think that you’re spying on your neighbors when you shouldn’t be. If that kind of thing gives you a little extra thrill, indulge all you want here.

Masturbation scene in Love

There’s a reason why this scene looks so real – it is! It was one of the first scenes Karl Glusman filmed for this movie. You’ve got to admire the guy for his performance under pressure. We’re glad he came through in the end because it’s definitely worth watching.

Sergio & Carolina in Sergio

The actors are pretty and the chemistry is great, but we think this particular scene is noteworthy for the cinematography. The lighting & camera angles contribute mightily to the mood here.

Nyles & Jerry in Palm Springs

This is not the “best” in terms of alone time. It doesn’t show much, but it’s pretty noteworthy because a male protagonist character is shown receiving anal sex from another man. We appreciate that it doesn’t make a big deal out of fluidity, and we appreciate the genuine chemistry & affection between the men.

Boat scene in 365 Days

This movie is being called the Polish Fifty Shades, which isn’t entirely fair because the actors here sure look like they’re enjoying themselves, unlike the main characters in Fifty Shades. And you definitely don’t need to understand the language to enjoy yourself right along with them. The boat scene is longer & more explicit than pretty much anything you’ll see released in the U.S. outside of actual porn.

Johanna in all of How To Build A Girl

This chronicle of a very young woman’s coming of age is likely to make you either nostalgic or uncomfortable. Still, it may make you want to do a little exploring of your own, and we’re very much in favor of that – and also of Johanna’s knockout curves.

Shirley & Rose in Shirley

It starts with a game of footsie and ends just as we hoped it would. Just as in Palm Springs, the love story here is a subplot but very much worth watching. The chemistry & tension between Shirley and Rose is palpable throughout the movie. 

Side note: although there are most definitely exceptions, as we have noted throughout this list, why is it that movie love scenes between two women actors often ring truer than other combinations?

Jean & Hakim in Seberg

The sex here isn’t super explicit, or even entirely in focus, but it’s still powerfully erotic because of how much Jean is risking to be with her lover. It’s also unsettling to realize that the FBI is listening in to the escapade, which makes the whole thing a little more sordid.

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