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Gambling movies, and more specifically movies which include blackjack in some way, shape, or form, have been popular for a long time. Here's our favorites.

Interesting Blackjack Movies With A Twist

Gambling movies, and more specifically films which include blackjack in some way, shape, or form, have been popular for a long time. They often include dramatic storylines with significant highs and lows along the way, making for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

With that in mind, we’ve selected a few of our favorite blackjack movies with a twist. They will provide the perfect break for gamers playing at the best blackjack sites in the UK.

Holy Rollers

We kick off our list with a film called Holy Rollers. The movie sees a group come together to form a blackjack team, intending to put techniques such as card counting to work to succeed in beating casinos. And, as you will expect, they do so with aplomb, winning millions of dollars from gaming venues in America. 

However, we like blackjack movies with a twist, and this film perhaps has the most significant one of all. The blackjack team in Holy Rollers consists entirely of practicing Christians, and this adds another layer to the gripping story.

Rain Man

Rain Man is arguably the most well-known gambling movie ever to hit movie theatres. It rightfully received critical acclaim, with multiple awards coming its way after Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise turned in stellar performances. The twist in the movie comes when Charlie Babbitt, played by Cruise, discovers he has an autistic brother with a unique skill. 

Raymond, portrayed by Hoffman, is an expert at counting cards, and he puts his ability to work in Las Vegas casinos. Rain Man is a film which is about more than blackjack, however, with both men embarking on a journey of discovery in many respects.

Stacy’s Knights

You could say that as a plot, Stacy’s Knights paved the way for many other movies that came after it, especially as it homes in on the idea of taking down casinos and beating them. Stacy is a novice at blackjack, and very much down on her luck, while Will is a card-counting wizard who is highly skilled. 

The unlikely duo comes together to try and win significant amounts at casinos, and after somewhat of a hot streak, the casino uses their muscle to even up the score. However, this makes Stacy determined to return and win her war against the gaming venue by trying to take them for everything they’ve got.

The Last Casino

The Last Casino, like several other popular movies in the genre, sees a professor have an idea to make a lot of money by teaching students card counting skills. So, this is what he does, and it’s more of a means to an end for mathematics professor Doug Barnes as he has mounting financial issues to contend with at the time. 

After being banned from multiple gaming establishments himself, he teaches three of his brightest and most intelligent students to count cards, so they can effectively go out and win on his behalf.

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