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If you’ve yet to discover the wonders of boy love animes, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best boy love animes to get you started.

Run out of shows? Fall in love with these boy love animes

If you’ve yet to discover the wonders of boy love animes, you’ve come to the right place. The romance that blossoms in these animes will make your heart swell and your eyes get all dewy. Not to mention – they’re often just really good shows filled with humor, drama, & stellar animation. 

You seriously don’t know what you’re missing until you delve into the realm of yaoi. Warning: once you watch your first yaoi you may never go back. Here are some of the best boy love animes to get you started.


No. 6

Based on the nine-volume novel series by Atsuko Asano, No.6 is a boy love anime that takes place in a wonderfully unique dystopian setting. When elite & privileged Shion lets runaway fugitive Nezumi take shelter in his home from a raging storm outside, Shion’s life changes forever. Mysterious & sarcastic, Nezumi quickly consumes Shion’s thoughts. 

When Shion starts to question No. 6, his “utopian” city, he discovers some terrifying truths. Luckily, Shion gets to see what lies beyond the walls with Nezumi as his guide. The love that these boys share starts off slow and grows into one of the deepest, cutest relationships out there. We will warn you now: No.6 goes by too fast and the heartbreaking ending will leave you in tears.  

Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice captures a story of competitive figure skaters who are all going for the gold in the Grand Prix Finals – and yeah, as you could have guessed they’re all pretty dang gay. Especially protagonist Yuri Katsuki whose passion for skating is reinvigorated when his Russian idol Victor Nikiforov gives him an unexpected visit.  

Victor’s very salacious & forward nature invokes many blushy moments from the shy Yuri. When Victor decides to coach Yuri in the next championship, their relationship develops into a strong, loving partnership. But will Yuri be able to win it all with Victor by his side? You’ll just have to watch to find out! 

Yuri on Ice is a must-watch for anyone interested in boy love anime, figure skating, or simply exquisite animation. Choreographed by professional figure skater Kenji Miyamoto, Yuri on Ice’s animation capturing figure skating will take your breath away. 

Banana Fish

A deeply emotional crime thriller, Banana Fish follows the story of teenage gang leader Ash Lynx as he meets ex-athlete Eiji Okumura. When Eiji travels to New York to report on street gangs as a photographer’s assistant, he soon meets Ash and shows him the great kindness & compassion that Ash desperately needs. 

Wickedly intelligent, charismatic, & skilled with a weapon, Ash has a dark past that continues to haunt him. Ash is adamant about solving the mystery of the drug called “banana fish” which killed his brother. He falls hopelessly in love with gentle Eiji who seems to be the only rock in his chaotic life – Ash will do anything to protect him. Don’t be surprised if you’re hooked after the very first episode. 

Love Stage

If you’re looking for classic, boy love romcom – you have to check out Love Stage. Following the love story of aspiring artist Izumi Sena & handsome Ryoma Ichijo, Love Stage offers you a plethora of hilarious shenanigans & budding crushes. 

Despite having no interest in stardom, Izkumi gets roped into dressing as a bride in a wedding commercial by his fame-filled family. The moment his costar Ryoma sets eyes on him, it’s love at first sight. Convinced that Izkumi is a girl, Ryoma tracks him down to confess his feelings. But will there still be love when he finds out the truth? We’ll just go ahead and answer that for you – yes, yes there is.    


A taste of old-school yaoi has to be on this list. Gravitation, produced in the 90s, shows boy love taking center stage as musician Shuichi Shindo tries to woo his hard-to-impress crush Yuki. Shuichi is determined to make his band, called Bad Luck, a musical sensation so that he can prove to Yuki that he is talented. 

Flooding with fun moments of comedy, romance, & drama, Gravitation is an easy one to add to your watch-list. With a diverse range of characters & music, you’ll never get bored watching these boys jam out and fall hopelessly in love.


Based on a manga of the same name, Given is an emotional anime about a boy wanting to learn to play the guitar. After the death/implied suicide of his best friend & ex-boyfriend, he becomes very closed-off to the world.  

Given is a very touching story about healing, finding passion after tragedy, and some high school dorks in a cool band. Definitely worth the watch. 

Hey, Your Cat Ears Are Showing!

Very low commitment, Hey, Your Cat Ears Are Showing! is a short series (3-5 min episodes) following a mangaka. One day a boy picks up a cat and low & behold it turns out to be a super secret race of ear people – savants with cat ears!  

Hey, Your Cat Ears Are Showing is cutesy, fluffy, & so sweet your teeth will rot. There’s no intense plot line, and most things are episodic ‘day in the life’ trips such as going out to get curry or taking a nap. It’s incredibly low in the romance department, but if you’re content with adorable crushes, this anime is perfect for you. 

Heaven Official’s Blessing

Based on the beautiful Chinese web novel of the same name, Heaven Official’s Blessing is set to air very soon. We can’t wait for this boy love anime to come out because it’s more than just a romance bound to make you swoon – its art style is off-the-charts gorgeous. Wrought with colorful nature backdrops & stunning costume design, Heaven Official’s Blessing will be absolutely dazzling. 

For a taste of the plot, Heaven Offical’s Blessing is about cherished prince Xie Lian who ascended to an immortal realm known as the Heavens – not without difficulty we might add. There are many cool characters – and yes, boys do indeed fall in love.

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