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Ladies & Gentlemen: Netflix gave us the ultimate holiday gift when it released 'Bridgerton'. Here are its hottest sex scenes.

Here’s Netflix’s hottest ‘Bridgerton’ sex scenes – you’re welcome

Ladies & Gentlemen: Netflix gave us the ultimate holiday gift when it released Bridgerton on Christmas Day. Taking the Regency era drama to steamy new heights, the show combined the matchmaking madness and “will-they-won’t they” drama of a Jane Austen book with the sexiness of a romance novel, which makes sense since the Shondaland show is based on Julia Quinn’s hit book series. 

But where are the sex scenes? We got you covered! Though most of the couplings on this list are between Simon & Daphne and Anthony & Siena, we can’t help but hope more couples will join in on the debauchery next season. Are we bummed that Colin & Penelope aren’t on this list? Absolutely, dear Reader, but only time will tell if those two lovebirds get their sexy moment in the sun. 

Anthony & Siena, Episode 1

Viscount Anthony Bridgerton and opera singer Siena Russo certainly started the season off like rabbits, literally. Our first encounter with the pair is up against a tree in a precarious position. While this couple wouldn’t last long with Anthony’s duties being Viscount Bridgerton and finding a match for his sister Daphne getting in their way, they certainly are fun to watch for a while. 

Daphne & Simon, Episode 5

It finally happened. After six episodes of pining & dodging their feelings, Daphne & Simon finally admitted their sexual attraction for one another. Sure, an entire sham wedding had to take place before the couple put aside their pride and gave into pure animal instinct, but once it happened, it was almost as hot as when they touched hands at the art gallery.

With an orchestral version of Celeste’s “Strange” playing over their lovemaking, it’s not a stretch to say the show borderlines soft-core porn territory in this scene. Soft & passionate, we can’t help but to swoon as Simon asks Daphne about her masturbation practices. We see butts & thrusting, all in all, the scene of Simon & Daphne’s wedding night encompasses what we love about Bridgerton: love, romance, and the inevitable.  

Daphne & Simon, Episode 6

After Simon pops Daphne’s cherry, the couple partakes in dessert a lot. Pretty much the entirety of Bridgerton episode 6 is just a montage of sex scenes. It happens at night in a gazebo, during the day on the lawn, in the library, on a desk. It would be porn without plot, except those scenes are needed to explain why Daphne isn’t getting pregnant. 

Sex education in the 1800s must have been truly awful because once Daphne figures out that it’s not that Simon can’t have children, he just doesn’t want them, she must make a choice that could disrupt their bedroom activities forever. In the final scene of the episode, Daphne makes her choice, but not before hopping on top and taking control. 

Daphne & Simon, Episode 7 

Why is angry sex just hotter? After Daphne & Simon made the decision to remain married in name only, the disagreeing couple just couldn’t help themselves and had sex on the stairs, as you do.  Stair sex would be very uncomfortable, but it’s sure hot to watch. 

What’s so great about this scene is Daphne’s pleasure is at the center of it. From being pushed up against the wall to taking oral on the stairs, Simon’s need to please his wife overrides his anger towards her. When his head finally catches up with his mouth, the heartbreaking realization sets in that they can’t have sex anymore, and rendezvous on the stairs are a thing of the past. 

Anthony & Siena, Episode 8

After a season of slighting each other, Siena & Anthony finally get back together under the bleachers at a boxing match. Hot & heavy, the fervor at which these two go at it is unparalleled. If Simon & Daphne’s hookups are based on love for each other, then Anthony & Siena’s couplings are based on attraction. Maybe that’s why they don’t end up together at the end of the season. 

Despite all that, we can’t get over the pure athleticism of their hookup under the boxing stands. At one point Siena holds Anthony hands down, and at another, they start having sex standing up. Hey, it may not have ended well, but it was fun while it lasted.

Daphne & Simon, Episode 8

Finally accepting his past and realizing Daphne means more to him than pissing off his father, Simon officially tries for a baby with his wife. While this scene has our characters more clothed than we are used to at this point, the sweet & passionate scene hit right where you want it to. Finally honest with each other and accepting of one another, it’s the perfect scene to end the season. 

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