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With the advancement of the Internet, our lives have taken a turn for the better. Check out these handy browser-based tools.

5 Browser-Based Tools For A More Convenient Life

With the advancement of the Internet, our lives have taken a turn for the better. We communicate better, more available, and can access information easily. In this article, we’ve collated five of the best browser-based tools you can bookmark for a more convenient life.

A web-based PDF editor

In this climate, we are in were staying at home is one of the safest things we can do to prevent getting infected. Contributing to the pandemic’s overall infection rate, working from home, or going to online classes are the two best things that have come out of it. So while it can be daunting to think that you don’t have all the tools you need for it, fret not, because that’s actually the furthest from the truth.

Most tools nowadays are either app-based or browser-based. If you have a working Internet in your home,  you are pretty much set on the office tools side. Don’t have a trusty PDF editor? PDF Bear’s suite of applications is not only accessible through the Internet, but it also has a bevy of tools that you can use to do all kinds of PDF edits like PDF extract, converting Office-based file formats to PDF and vice versa, and even encrypting them. 

A site that blocks you out of the Internet’s constant barrage of information

A web-based location finder
These days, we all need free tools to function better in everyday activities. Internet is full of useful tools, here we are presenting a great tool that you can use to find your location through any of the browsers available. To find your location use tool. This tool will give you your position on the map in real-time, moreover, it will give you your real-time GPS coordinates along with the address, city, country that you are on right in the time.

Working from home, or doing online classes from the space where you are most comfortable can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s an advantage because you don’t have to make the most effort to prepare and present yourself, or the fact that you don’t have to be anxious about what certain people think of you. 

But it can also be a disadvantage because of the fact that you are too comfortable in the space you are into the point that you’ll be too distracted to really be productive or to absorb the information you are hearing. 

This is why bookmarking a site that not only keeps you from social media but from the Internet’s many rabbit holes is a godsend. What’s great about these sites is that you can manually add what websites can be blocked, so you don’t have to worry about being unnecessarily distracted while working. A quick Google search will yield thousands of results, so you have to sift through them and see what works for you.

A note-taking site and app that makes everything organized

Note-taking isn’t just for students; it’s also for employees, especially when you do administrative work. Meetings, presentations, as well as quick talks over a video messaging app will need a trusty note-taking site so that you have all your notes organized. Luckily for you, there are also lots of options out there. Evernote is on top, but you can use other alternatives.

A site for easier project management

This is especially helpful for office workers telecommuting. When you are the bottleneck in your department, it can be tricky to organize your workday in a way that everything is covered. If your company doesn’t use a project management tool, it’s high time that you start the dice rolling. A free project management site will organize the workloads from the top department down to rank and files- so you won’t have to.

A cloud-storage site

Everything is stored in cloud these days. Filing papers and documents the traditional way just doesn’t make sense when you have the option to digitize all of it. It’s easier, less prone to force majeure, and it’s accessible wherever you are in the world. With a cloud-storage subscription for your business, you’ll have better control of the files you need when you need them.


Search for these sites right away and bookmark them in a separate folder where you can easily access them. This way, you won’t have to look for them amongst the numerous freestanding bookmarks you already have.


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