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Cam girls have become incredibly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out why the online gig has blown up.

Cam Girls in demand during the Coronavirus pandemic

If you’re active on social media sites like Instagram and Reddit, then you’ve probably heard of at least an influencer or two who have gone down the Only Fans route. And this phenomenon isn’t only applicable to well-known personalities on social media. Cam girls, well-established or new, are seeing and enjoying a boom in demand — and we have the Coronavirus pandemic to thank for it.

Heightened demand for cam girls in 2020

For many industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has spelled disaster. Strict lockdown orders and social distancing rules have forced many businesses to close. Countries that have been optimistic enough to relax their stay-at-home orders are seeing a second (or even third) wave of infections. Clearly, this virus isn’t going away any time soon unless the mass production and delivery of a vaccine are expedited.

This unique situation has led to a remarkable but unsurprising trend: a spike in demand for cam girls and other types of digital sex work. Cam sites have popped up here and there, enticing a new generation of adult sex workers who are ready to adapt to the ‘new normal.’

Being at home led to the mass adoption of remote work, not only for professionals in conventional fields but also for models and sex workers. After all, one can easily become a webcam model without leaving the comforts of one’s home. 

Live sex cam websites like Sexed Chat have been a haven for webcam models and fans alike. Sexed Chat, in particular, has been looking for and accepting more cam models to keep up with the demand brought by the pandemic. Its growing number of patrons enjoy a wide variety of sex cam and cam-to-cam experiences.

A 2020 survey reports that cam girls in the United States earn an average of almost $4,500 per month doing part-time work. Meanwhile, those who work full-time earn more than $11,000 per month on average. If you take your craft seriously and end up becoming a top-earning cam girl,  earning $50k monthly isn’t impossible.

How and why cam girls are cashing in

The rise of free tube sites over the past decade has deeply impacted revenues generated by traditional porn. Because free porn is easily accessible on the internet, fewer people choose to pay for content. After all, why spend money buying adult movies and porn episodes if you can get them for free?

But if there’s one thing the demand for cam girls has taught us, it’s that people are willing to pay more for performers that they can form deeper connections with.

Cam girls are preferred by many over traditional porn actresses mainly because of these three reasons:

  1. Authenticity: Cam girls appear more real and accessible than traditional porn actresses.

We’ve all seen what conventional porn was like a decade ago: big staged productions with professional lights, multiple camera angles, and (sometimes cringy) scripts to boot. 

After that came the rise of amateur and homemade porn. The sharp contrast between intimate porn made at home and large, professional productions is a testament to how a large niche of porn viewers prefer material that appears more real or authentic.

Cam girls have been in demand for this very same reason. Compared to porn actresses that have to act and project in front of sophisticated cameras and filming equipment, cam girls are seen as real people who are genuinely having a good time with their patrons online. 

At the end of the day, it’s not hard to see the appeal of real people enjoying sex online versus paid actresses that follow a script

  1. Connection: Cam girls chat with or speak to their fans online.

Another advantage cam girls have is they can directly talk to their viewers online. Cam sessions are typically accompanied by text or voice chat,  allowing webcam models to form deeper relationships with their fans.

You simply don’t get this type of interaction from conventional porn. While comment sections exist on traditional porn sites like Porn Hub, chances are high that the performers there don’t even see what their fans have to say.

Meanwhile, it’s not difficult to get real-time replies and feedback from webcam models during sessions, especially if they cater to a smaller audience.

  1. Flexibility: You can directly interact with cam girls to make requests.

There’s also the customizability aspect of it. Dozens of different porn categories have sprouted in an attempt to address all sorts of tastes and preferences. And while this is great for the average porn consumer, cam girls take it a notch further by having the option to entertain specific requests from their viewers.

The pandemic has benefited both models and fans

With millions of jobs lost because of the pandemic, it’s easy to see why more and more people have transitioned to digital sex work. It’s undeniably lucrative and easy to do at home. Plus, whatever your tastes and appearance may be, it’s not a reach to say that there’s a niche for you somewhere.

The newfound popularity of camming as a legit occupation is also great for the average fan. More webcam models and adult performers equate to more options for viewers. Digital workers from every state and time zone also translate to round-the-clock availability. So whether you prefer to consume this type of content early in the morning, late at night, or even mid-day, there’s probably lots of cam girls live at any time of the day. 

Camming is seen as safer, more ‘ethical’ than conventional porn

Another primary reason that could explain the surge in popularity of webcam models is that it is perceived as safer and more ethical than traditional porn. Even with strict safety standards in place, it’s easy to see why traditional sex work can be seen as overly dangerous within the context of a pandemic. Social distancing rules mean contactless interactions are now the norm. And for most people, the porn industry shouldn’t be an exception.

Since cam girls are able to work from wherever they may be in the world, viewers feel that they’re making a more ethical choice when they choose to support cam girls. There’s certainly a part of the audience that takes pride in supporting actual human beings trying to make a living despite the challenges brought by 2020, and camming capitalizes on that as well.

The bottom line

The pandemic has caused the cam girl industry to boom to unprecedented heights. If you’re a regular consumer of live cams, then you’re probably enjoying the popularity of camming and the benefits that it brings: round-the-clock availability, more personal interactions, and a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

On the flip side, 2020 is definitely the year to try out becoming a webcam model if you’re aspiring to be one. Lockdown rules have pushed people to seek online adult content in droves, and you’re bound to find your audience as long as you select the right platform and put in the work.

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  • Oh wow this was nice to read. I was really curious on how the pandemic would affect even the smallest aspects of our daily lives. I’m glad to know that the porn industry took a safer route instead of unnecessarily exposing their talents to the virus.

    December 10, 2020
  • The pandemic turned porn into a staple. Thanks to the quarantine, a lot of us had no other avenue for human interaction. Cam girls gave us the action we needed without having to go out or meet new people.

    December 14, 2020
  • I checked out the site you linked (Sexed Chat) and it was really good. There’s a lot of hot cam girls to choose from. They also offer a cam-to-cam experience for some personal action. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this site and it was worth it. Thanks for the recommendation!

    December 14, 2020
  • I have a question for the writer of this article. Do you think that the demand would go down once the vaccine is ready and the virus is behind us? I’m playing around the idea of starting an OnlyFans account but with the vaccine ready, I’m not sure if it’s still worth it. What do you think?

    December 16, 2020
  • Thanks this is great – its good to know theres options out there to make some additional cash.

    January 6, 2021

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