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Looking to find some interesting casino games? These three online slots are based on some very popular Hollywood blockbusters.

3 exciting film themed casino games to try

Over the last decade, the choice of slot and casino games has increased considerably, especially in terms of the variety that is available. As such, software providers decided to diversify into different niches and genres, with games about movies being a particular success when it came to popularity. This is because players found that they had something to identify with and the graphics were generally very impressive.

Let’s take a look at the three most exciting to try if you have the chance!

Jurassic Park

Arguably one of the most popular film-themed slots that there is, it is easy to see why. When it was released to the big screen, Jurassic Park was an instant hit and the slot was no different.

Released in 2014 and developed by industry-leading software provider Microgaming, this is a clue as to the quality of the slot itself in terms of how good the graphics and audio are, while it has all of the features that the film has, represented as symbols such as the T-Rex. Despite its age, you will still find this slot available on most brand new casino sites so do not worry! 

With an atmospheric setting in a dark jungle, the eerie music also plays its part in adding to this, as well as vines that drape down the sides of the screen. Comprising five reels, the most that you can win is 6000x your original stake. This is definitely a slot game that is a roaring success.


Another iconic film, this Ridley Scott classic has stood the test of time for years, so much so that top software provider Playtech has seen fit to turn it into a slot game. Perhaps one of the best features of this video slot is its amazing 3D graphics and as a result, it is easy to be able to immerse yourself into it. With a standard 30 line set up, you can have a maximum spin of £150, while the autoplay feature allows you to choose the number of spins that you want to make without having to hit the button every time. 

There are two special symbols in the slot as well, one being the princess who will appear occasionally and she appears at the top of any reel and drops some petals which provide wilds, while there is also the doorway symbol which leads to a click me bonus.


A classic film, in many people’s top 10, the Rocky slot certainly delivers a knockout blow, and while the game is full of action, if you are not careful, you might just find yourself on the ropes! With five reels as well as 25 pay lines, this slot is full to the brim with free spins, bonus rounds, and wilds. One of the principal aims of the game is to line up each symbol across the reels and spell out “ROCKY” which indicates a successful win.

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