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Christmas movie marathons are a staple for the holidays. Here are the best movies on 123movies online.

All the Christmas movies to stream on 123movies online for free

Christmas movie marathons are a staple for the holidays, especially when you have to be with the family. Games can often be the spark for skirmishes, so movies are often a safe option. They don’t guarantee the family won’t fight at all, but at least, for a brief duration, everyone will focus on the Christmas decorations or the unoriginal plot of the holiday movie.

Your family Christmas movie marathon doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket either. Here’s a list of movies you can add to your marathon – seriously, move over your Harry Potter obsession – and stream for free on 123movies online. 

Last Christmas

We don’t think we’d get used to Emilia Clarke being anything but Daenerys Targaryen but in Last Christmas, she nails it in her role as Kate who works as an elf in Central London. She’s joined by Henry Golding, who plays Tom, her love interest. It’s one of those Christmas movies that’s riddled with cliches & sparkling chemistry, but done a disservice due to the hackneyed plot & screenplay.

In the most unexpected of plot twists, it turns out that Tom is actually dead – has been for a year – and was the donor of the heart that Kate received in her transplant surgery last year. If you’re in for a PG-13 holiday movie with great actors, pick this one.

The Knight Before Christmas

Starring Vanessa Hudgens & Josh Whitehouse, The Knight Before Christmas follows the misadventures of a medieval knight who time travels to the present day. There, he meets Brooke, who has given up on the idea of love.

Brooke accidentally hits him with her car – honestly, how can a knight figure out the transport system of today? – and assumes he’s suffering from amnesia when he tells her he’s a knight. He is, but of a different kind aka her knight in shining armor.

Write Before Christmas

Watch it for the cast alone. Starring Torrey DeVitto & Chad Michael Murray, Write Before Christmas is a typical feel-good Hallmark Christmas movie. Jessica, the protagonist sends Christmas cards/letters to the important people in her life. It’s a warm & cosy reminder of the holiday spirit, small acts of kindness, and the power of love.

Hands-down the best fit for a family movie session, Write Before Christmas will get you nostalgic, warm, and just flooded with feelings.

Happiest Season

The latest addition to the holiday movie mix, Happiest Season brings LGBTQ representation to the Christmas movies’ roster & stars Kristen Stewart. Ever since it has released, people can’t stop talking about the holiday cringe it brings wrapped in different packing. The movie revolves around Harper asking her partner Abby to pretend they’re straight for the holidays.

This results in the alienation of Abby until one day she gets outed in front of everyone during a family party. Happiest Season looks at the reality of LGBTQ lives from the holiday lens. Stewart talked about the movie, “when I read the script, it felt so completely personal — like a story that she’d been waiting to tell for a long time”

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Hallmark is the go-to destination for Christmas movies, so we think Christmas at Pemberley Manor should make it to your marathon menu as well. You see the character names – Elizabeth Bennett, William Darcy, Caroline Bingley –  and have a chuckle, as an event planner tries to find the perfect venue for a Christmas party.

Darcy is keen on selling the manor, whereas Elizabeth tries to convince him not to. The setting of the mansion estate & the actors bring a lot to the table to make the movie endearing. For lovers of Pride and Prejudice, this movie is a treat. If nothing else, there are loads of Jane Austen easter eggs to find.


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