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'No Time to Die' will be the fifth time that Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the iconic Agent 007 and maybe his final one. Let's take a look.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond Character

The next installment in the Bond series is over the horizon and marks the 35 films in the Bond series that started way back in 1963. It will be the fifth time that Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the iconic Agent 007 and maybe his final one. When Daniel Craig was selected to take on the role of the famous British Superspy, the decision was met with criticism by fans of the movies.

However, after seeing him on screen, the critics turned into fans. 

He was able to bring much more depth to the James Bond character and was able to tell a more personal story compared to the previous movies in the franchise. Before the reboot, the franchise ended on a low note, with the movie Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan and it was clear that for the franchise to be revitalized, something new had to be introduced. 

A Reinvention of the Character

The four movies that star Daniel Craig is more grounded and seem to have a cohesive narrative between them and our favorite spy seems to be more absorbed in his work, as seen in Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig has managed to bring the character into modern times and Casino Royale provided a reboot to the franchise that everyone needed. 

The new Bond series that started with Casino Royale gave the character more backstory and was able to explain the stern and cold attitude of Agent 007 and also an emotional side that was never seen with Bond. 

It also introduced us to a more vulnerable and less experienced agent on the first mission after earning the 00 and license to kill. Casino Royale may not only be the most beloved Bond movie that Daniel Craig had a play in but maybe the best James Bond movie of all time.

Some of the actor’s peers have also expressed their endorsement for Craig’s Bond character with actor Roger Moore expressing that Daniel Craig is his new favourite, James Bond. Other James Bond actors have also expressed their love for this new adaptation of the character, being called “fantastic” by Sean Connery and “magnificent” by Pierce Brosnan. The only criticism he has received was from George Lazenby who said the new James Bond has no heart. 

Most James Bond films in the past have their fair share of comics moments and over the top scenes. Casino Royale brought more seriousness to the franchise and this can be felt during its opening sequence, a black and white scene, introducing a darker version of the character and remains an iconic moment for movies.

A Fresh Start

When Christoper Nolan’s Batman Begins launched in 2005, it had a profound impact on the movie industry and delivered a more grounded and serious version of Batman that we have never seen before on screen. Many believe that Nola’s directing style has had some influence on Casino Royale

Having worked closely with the original material from Flemming’s novel, Martin Campbell, the director of Casino Royale, wanted to do something similar to the James Bond franchise what Nolan had done to the Batman franchise, which itself will receive another reboot of the character.

The casino was the perfect setting to place a less experienced agent in and as the story progresses, the character adapts and is learning new things along the way. His mission is to meet and interact with the villain (Mads Mikkelsen) in a poker game. Everything in this movie is more believable than what was done in past movies. 

Because the movie represents a more inexperienced agent, Daniel Craig fit this role perfectly and the critics that the actor was exposed to, added to the character that is shown on-screen. In the original story from the book, Bond was playing Chemin de Fer, a game similar to baccarat, which in those days was among the most serious games that could be played in a casino

This was replaced with the game Texas Hold’em which the director thought that I’d be more appropriate given the high-stakes nature of the game.

While some people dislike Daniel Craig’s Bond character, most fans of the series and moviegoers, as well as previous actors that have played the famous British agent, see him as the best adaptation of the character ever. No Time to Die is slowly approaching its release date. 

People living in the UK will be the first to witness the last James Bond movie of this generation on 2 April. A week later, US fans will also get to experience the movie on 10th April and it will be the last James Bond being portrayed by Daniel Craig.

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