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2020 has been a rough year. Here are the best dark humor memes we could find as a means of easing the pain.

Feeling morose? Indulge in some dark humor memes today

The winter holidays are on the way, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to embrace the holiday spirit. It’s okay to give your dark side a little love even if the radio waves are blasting you full of good cheer sounds. The internet’s got you covered in the blasting your eyes full of dark humor memes department. 

It’s counterintuitive, but these dark humor memes will brighten your day. 

Choices, choices 

“He did it!” “No, he did it!” Isn’t it fun when you can’t tell which culprit is to blame?

A page from COVID-19’s book 

It’s sad. . . but also technically happy. 

Subliminal messaging 

The way that Walmart and that stop sign came together to insult you was impeccable. 

Now that’s a bad fortune 

When even your fortune cookie is insulting you, you know it’s bad. 

‘Til death do us part 

The deal still stands even if you help death along a little bit, right? 

Ohh. . . 

Any wish but that, that is. 

Never said what kind 

Imaginary friends count. They make the social distancing bearable. 

Actually. . . 

They were on the naughty list

Satan’s insurance 2021 never comes 

It would be typical of 2020 if that happened just when countries have started distributing vaccines. 

Everyone’s against us 

Even the little shoulder angel agrees. 

Don’t judge

We’ve just come to accept the bad is impossible to get rid of so we might as well enjoy it.

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