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Season three will be airing next month. In the meantime, here's a 'Dear White People' drinking game for you to pass the time with your fellow woke buddies.

Get woke and wasted with the ‘Dear White People’ drinking game

We don’t know about you woke folk, but we thought season two of Netflix’s Dear White People was even better than the first. Bringing with it more scandals, topical plot lines, and slippery politics from the campus of Winchester University, S2 conveyed the message that representation matters and they absolutely nailed it this time round (while also tying in lots of will-they-won’t-they-OMG-yes-they-will love stories and cliff hangers to boot).  

Season three will be airing next month. In the meantime, we’ve put together a Dear White People drinking game for you to enjoy and pass the time with your fellow woke buddies. Be sure to enjoy the game responsibly and replace your booze with sips of coffee or water if you’re feeling woozy.

So without further ado, let’s get woke & wasted!

Take a sip of your drink everytime . . .

A text comes up on screen. Go easy on this one; it happens a lot.

Anytime someone says “woke”. “Here’s a little game I call ‘Woke or not’.”

Logan Browning in 'Dear White People'

Someone mentions a social media platform. Twitter, Instagram – whatever!

Something turns out to be fake news. #QuinWoke? Come on!

Gabe and Sam hook up. It’s one heck of a turbulent relationship, but we all know Sam will always be Gabe’s Insta bae.

Lionel and Brooke clash: two headstrong journalists – it’s bound to happen.

That irritating Sorbet dog turns up. At least, we think it’s a dog.

'Dear White People'

Reggie and Gabe clam up in front of each other. That love triangle is awkward!

Sam clams up in front of Reggie and Gabe. As said – awkward!

Sam destroys a troll. That girl’s got bite.

Coco and Troy have sex. Young love!

Troy cracks a joke that makes you cringe. Take an extra sip if it’s so bad that you have to leave the room.

Brandon P Bell in 'Dear White People'

Someone makes a play on the phrase “Dear White People”: “It’s about to be Dear Fight People up in here!”

Kurk Kurks: you’re gonna need a sip anytime this douche is on screen.

Joelle sings – voice of an angel.

Ashley Blaine Featherson in 'Dear White People'

Joelle backs Sam up during a meeting or debate. She’s the best friend everyone deserves and needs.

Reggie has sex with a girl – including Joelle, finally!

Pastiche is given a mention. Sam’s printed nemesis.

A celebrity’s name is dropped: “Don’t Gosling-eye me” bitch!

Abigail makes the most pointless contribution. What is her purpose?

Lionel and Silvio hook up: will they, won’t they?

Someone takes psychedelics – obligatory shrooms episode, hooray!

Someone discusses or actually does hack into a computer – how this whole thing began.

Troy’s dad gets aggy or acts fake-nice. So, basically any time he’s on screen.

Lionel makes an integral decision. He’s a good egg.

DeRon Horton in 'Dear White People'

Someone pines after Troy. Lionel, Coco, Neika – people can’t seem to get enough of those washboard abs!

A classic song starts to play. It’s a highbrow soundtrack.

Issues not relating to race arise. Homophobia, sexism – this show’s full of them.

Sam and Coco have a bitchy exchange. Handbags down ladies!

Followed by a flashback to when they were friends – when they Dear White People’d together.

Someone mentions reverse racism like it’s a thing. It’s not a thing, people!

The cops end a party. Take two if they end up acting like discriminatory a-holes.

The narrator speaks. He’s not a patch on Anthony Mendez (Jane the Virgin), but he’s still great.

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Take a shot whenever . . .

Someone watches Defamation or Trap House Tricks. 

The show’s pitch-perfect perfect parody of Scandal and Love & Hip Hop, respectively. Lena Waithe deserves a special mention for being an absolute boss!

Someone’s announced as pregnant. And proceeds to relay the importance of condoms – wrap up kids!

Someone hates on gluten-free / vegan food. Just cos it’s free, doesn’t make it good!

Marque Richardson in 'Dear White People'

Kurt brings up the Troy and Neika tape – that blackmailing bastard.

We find out the Hancocks are up to some shadiness. They’ve got a dirty history.

Actors from the original Dear White People film appear. So meta!

Silvio mentions “getting the scoop” like he’s running the f***ing New York TimesGranted, a lot of sh** does go down at Winchester.

Down your drink if . . .

There’s a full-on racial slur. You’re gonna need a drink after hearing such vileness.

Someone mentions another Netflix show. “Are you getting all 13 Reasons Why?” So meta!

A threesome nearly happens. A ménage à trois? Not quite!

Someone dies. We’re still not ready to talk about the last one.

Someone’s actually in class. For students at an Ivy League college, they sure don’t spent a lot of time actually studying.

Take a hit on a bong or a pipe or a spliff if . . .

Someone takes a hit on a bong or a pipe or a spliff. Duh!*

*When it comes to booze and weed, we advise to choose one or the other, not both.

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