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Feeling low during lockdown? Do you need some eye bleach? Check out these cute animal videos that are guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Eye bleach: These cute baby animal videos will make everything better

Eye bleach – it isn’t as painful as it sounds, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. When you see something awful (like a frustrating news headline), something gross (it’s the internet, it happens), or something otherwise disturbing what you need is eye bleach. The slang term refers to anything cute, heartwarming, and positive that can help you forget about whatever horror you may have been subjected to by the internet.

If you’re in need of a little eye bleach we’ve sourced some absolutely overwhelmingly cute and funny videos of baby animals. You can binge them all right now if you need or you can save them for when you need them.

Baby otter

This wild baby otter is a clumsy one. At first, he gets stuck on his back and then he falls over, but don’t worry his mama is around to help him out with everything and is just fine. 

From baby’s adorable squeaks to his fluffy fur this video is painfully heartwarming.

Baby giraffes

This little compilation from the San Diego Zoo shows some pretty cute baby giraffes. Do people still use the word derpy? Because that is the perfect word to describe the face of any baby giraffe.

Watching these guys run around and lick random objects is the perfect eye bleach.

Baby platypus

Have you ever seen a baby platypus? Well, now you have. This cute little creature looks rather a bit like the adult version, but a bit smaller.

This baby platypus is named storm, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out why – it’s a cute story.

Baby wolf

Zookeepers must have one of the best jobs in the world. This video features another San Diego Zoo animal, but this one is a cute little wolf pup playing with its zookeeper.

He’s energetic and has a lot of different oversized features he hasn’t grown into yet, which makes him look that much more adorable.

Baby bears

This video features not one, but two baby bears and their mother in somebody’s backyard as they take advantage of the open pool. It doesn’t look all that different from two human kids in a pool as their mom watches.

Watch to the end to catch a glimpse of how agile bears are at climbing.

Baby skunks

One cyclist got a visit from four baby skunks and their mama. As long as you don’t startle them this won’t end in a nasal nightmare. The family runs up (already ridiculously cute) and checks out the bicycle while making precious noises. Don’t know what sound a skunk makes? You won’t be disappointed.

Eventually, the family runs back off and the cyclist is free to move again without the fear of getting skunk sprayed.

Red pandas

You know red pandas are cute, but baby red pandas are even more cute. This news clip has some educational information about the species as well as some clips of the sweetest fuzziest little animals we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Baby elephant

This is our favorite go-to eye bleach video. A baby elephant frolics with a small swarm of birds as they fly around the elephant in circles.

It’s a delightfully carefree video and will somehow remind you of your own childhood, because we’ve all chased birds at one point. 

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