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If you love football then you might want to try out the transfer market for yourself. Here's everything you need to know.

Experience for yourself the football transfer market

The owners of top soccer clubs across the globe all have one thing in common, they are all highly successful business people. Not only do they have the financial stake in these clubs, but more often than not, they are also involved in approving the transfer funds for signing new players. With agents often earning 10% in fees from the top players, we can see that healthy living can be earnt when player valuations come in at £100 million and more.

Liverpool FC, the 2019 European Champions League winners, reinvested the bulk of the funds received from the sale of the midfielder Philippe Coutinho very wisely.  Firstly, signing center back Virgil van Dijk for £75 million from Southampton was seen as a breath-taking investment. Then, they also spent £65million (€73m/$85m) in the signing of goalkeeper Alisson Becker from Roma. What this ensured was a rock-solid defense, which really highlighted the club’s expertise in the transfer market.

The question is, would you make a good club owner or team manager? Are you able to find upcoming youngsters who have the potential to make it at the top level of the game? Football Index Review provides you with the opportunity to test your skill and knowledge. This football stock market enables soccer lovers to trade shares in their favorite football players and earn money while they’re doing so and you can read the full football index review so that you know how to use the platform before signing up.

The transfer market

With the end of the 2019/2020 domestic football seasons in Europe, the transfer market really comes to life. The big money clubs like Manchester City, Barcelona and PSG go head to head to sign the next superstar strikers. Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and the forwards who have been tracked all season by scouts, are now in the spotlight. Teams who have been relegated from the top flight find they are no longer able to keep their top players, who want to be enjoying top tier football.

Here we follow the most popular leagues from Europe and the UEFA arena. These being the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Germany Bundesliga, Italian Serie A & in Spain, The La Liga. As well as the domestic leagues, Football Index also covers European Tournaments such as the Champions League & Europa League.

How can you enjoy this though? Well, one way which is cheaper than having to buy an actual club, is to trade online. Now you can experience the ups and downs of the football season. But how can you make money from this?  Simply buy a player or a share of them, and once his value has increased, you can then cash out at the higher price and lock in your profits. 

Set up your portfolio and invest wisely in the transfer market. Sign the players you think will do well, then track their progress by monitoring the cost price, current valuation, and then see for yourself how your investment has fared.

Earning dividends

This is where you can increase your earnings from your players. There are several ways to achieve this. Playing matches is the more obvious one. So up to 4 games played, 5-14 or 15+ games earn you dividends for each player. The better your players do on the pitch, the better your wallet does, off the pitch. Your striker scoring a goal and if it’s the match-winner earns you plenty of dividend points. At the other end of the stadium, your goalie making saves is equally as important. The clean sheet is a big bonus too.

Media Dividends are another chance to increase your bankroll. These are on offer every single day, so even if there are no fixtures, these are still important. When your player is mentioned in the press or on news sites, these will be counted towards your points tally. Your squad members being talked about on Match of The Day on the BBC or TalkSport are both taken into consideration. These points will also accumulate in the transfer open windows, especially for the bigger name players.

Sell your players

There comes a time when managers decide to let a player go from the club. It may be a drop in form, possible injury, or fitness concerns. Sometimes the player may have been targeted by a bigger club and asks to submit a transfer request. This is where you need to make the right judgment call regarding your players. Is it time to offload at a loss, or cash in and enjoy the profits? 

At the end of the day, this is your call.  Here though, you have two options available; Sell to Market or Instant Sell. If you Sell to Market, then you wait for someone to come along and buy at your price. But, if you want a quick sale, then you can go down the route of the Instant Sell option; it’s going to mean taking a lower price, but you’ll know the deal is done. This is perfect if you suspect that a player is going to be out for months with an injury or having to undergo surgery.


Who is this for?

Anyone who likes to follow football likes to have a little bit of a flutter while having a load of fun. Now there is no need to be a billionaire to have your own squad of football superstars. Call upon your combined business head and your expertise in the sport and get to the top of the pile. Cash-out at the right time, buy those players who are not yet big names and get them cheap, then watch their value soar.

Imagine if you had snapped up Ansu Fati who plays at Barcelona, then sat back and watched Barcelona’s youngest ever La Liga and Champions League goal-scorer soar in valuation. Do you wait for his value to rise to €40m, €50m, or higher? Do you keep hold of him and wait for him to score more and more winning goals to earn you higher dividends? Maybe he’ll be mentioned more often on social media and in the press, once again earning you more dividends.

At the end of the day, the final calls are made by you. This is a popular sport, and there are some fantastic players taking part week in, week out. How good a judge are you of the football talent out there? More importantly, do you make your transfer decisions with your heart or with your head? Let’s see what next season brings.

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