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Masturbation is natural. Here are some funny stories describing awkward moments which have a risen (no pun intended) during the act.

Some funny masturbation stories to make you laugh hard

Masturbation becomes one a common thing to do by men. Teenagers and adults may do it sometimes. Even, some people may do it regularly while fantasizing the imagination to trigger the pleasure. However, there are many kinds of stories of men doing masturbation.

Some of them have great stories since these may give them stress relief. There are also some funny masturbation stories that make people ashamed due to some funny things. Surely, it is interesting to know the stories of how people masturbate. These are a kind of funny entertainment, but these may also become good way to tell them so they will not have to face the same funny moments. 

For the first story, it is a story of a teenager masturbating during a family gathering. Of course, he did not do it while being watched by many people. However, there are funny moments that make things so awkward both for the man and the whole family. At that moment, he was masturbating in his room while using his covers to hide what he was doing.

Suddenly, his sister walked and saw strange things done by the man. She was curious and asked questions, while the man tried to hide what he was doing. Unfortunately, the effort to hide the masturbation failed since it only made her more curious. In the end, she asked her father to come, and this made things so awkward and funny since the father asked what he was doing at the moment while hiding under the covers.

The second funny story is from a man who shared his bedroom with his brother. He was from a religious family, so masturbating was something taboo to do. However, he denied this fact and kept masturbating, even when he stayed in the bedroom with his brother in there.

One day, approximately at 4 in the morning, he watched a porn video and masturbated. He hid under the blanket, so his brother did not know anything. Unfortunately, an earthquake suddenly hit the area around his house. He suddenly got shocked due to the shaking room, yet he could not do anything since his hand was holding the penis, while another one was holding the tablet for watching the porn. He could not move to leave the room since he was half-naked. In the end, his father came to the bedroom, and he could only hide under the cover. He did dare to show up since this would be a disaster if his father knew what he was doing.

 The next story is from a boy in Australia. He was actually in the bathroom. He was pooping while opening the website. It was a website with porn contents, and it triggered his penis to get harder as he accessed more content of the website. As the results, he decided to masturbate. At first, things run smoothly, and there was no problem at all.

However, when he was going to grasp his penis, suddenly he touched a leg of spider. With the sudden response, he slapped the spider together with his dick. The spider was hit and thrown away. However, due to the commotion, his father suddenly came into the bathroom. Once he opened the door, he found his son standing with the half-naked position and reddened penis. This surely becomes a funny moment to experience.

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