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'Game of Thrones' ended its slow crawl to its inevitable and disappointing conclusion over a year ago. Could GOT sex scenes be the hottest?

Are ‘Game of Thrones’ sex scenes the hottest ones in all of TV?

Game of Thrones ended its slow crawl to its inevitable and disappointing conclusion over a year ago. Are we all still salty af over the decline of what was once one of television’s best shows? Yes. Did Dany (Emilia Clarke) get done the dirtiest way possible by the writers? Absolutely. Are people still going to be talking about how the ending ruined all the good things about Game of Thrones until the end of time? 100%, friend. 

Another thing that gets talked about a lot in Game of Thrones is the show’s depiction of sex. Some of the sex scenes within the series are so wildly hot that you just wanna spontaneously combust from it all. But others? Well, not so much. As many have pointed out, Game of Thrones went to some pretty violent rape scenes more than was necessary to audiences.

That’s the issue with a show as problematic as Game of Thrones eventually became. Do we feel comfortable talking about sex scenes in the context of “hotness” when there’s a lot to do with the depiction of sex in the series that makes people uncomfortable? A lot of people outright quit watching the series after the season 5 rape scene of Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). 

But that was more or less a tipping point for people after years of working up to it. It’s well documented of the show: Daenerys was raped by Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) back in the first season of the series and Cersei (Lena Headey) was raped by Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in season four. 

Add in people discussing the depiction of women in television and the backdrop of the #MeToo movement? It just represented a changing tide in how women were depicted in shows in Hollywood. Unfortunately, whatever “hot” Game of Thrones sex scenes just sort of fall by the wayside when confronted with the brutal sexual violence against its female characters as well.

And, yes, sure, there is a historical precedent for this fact. Game of Thrones, however, is also a world where dragons exist and people get visions. So toning down the sexual violence in its sex scenes wouldn’t be such a huge trial to hinge the show upon, you know? Most of the show’s rape scenes are taken from the books, following the controversy of Sansa’s in season five, they weren’t so brutally depicted.

George R.R. Martin, writer of A Song of Fire and Ice, came to defense of those scenes as well. “I’m writing about war, which is what almost all epic fantasy is about, but if you’re going to write about war and you just want to include all the cool battles and heroes killing a lot of orcs and things like that and you don’t portray [sexual violence], then there’s something fundamentally dishonest about that.”

Which is fair, we suppose, but there’s also writing about a thing versus depicting it so viscerally and, at times, gratuitously. It comes down to a narrative need versus the physical depiction versus reading the room in terms of the reputation that the show has gotten. Also, dear God, the scenes where family members get sexual with each other is a whole other layer of uncomfortable. 

The thing ultimately ends up being when asking about “hot” sex scenes in series like Game of Thrones and other shows is what constitutes as hot? Because people have all sorts of fantasies in terms of sex and sexual gratification. But it’s hard to quantify when there are so many instances of using sex in order to advance a women’s story within the show. 

So, we’re probably going to say “no” to the question Are Game of Thrones sex scenes the hottest ones in all of TV? And, like most of the blame, it comes down to the fault of Game of Thrones itself for it.

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