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Do you know your 00s movies as well as you think you do? See if you can guess the film from one single screenshot and a cryptic clue.

Can you name these aughties films just from just one image?

Log out of that AOL messenger, shut that damn flip phone, and turn your attention from thurr to here, because we’re going back to the 00s to guess some of the decade’s most beloved movie hits. Do you know your 00s movies as well as you think you do? Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can guess the film from one single screenshot and a cryptic clue. The answers are at the bottom of the post, but no peeking! Cheating’s for suckers.

'Mulholland Drive'

#1: Search for yourself in the city of dreams.

'Death Proof'

#2: Hold tight – this is gonna be a rough ride!

'Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle'

#3: Spark up a fattie and let’s do this thing before the munchies take over.

'There Will Be Blood'

#4: Travel to a land where greed meets vengeance and ambition meets faith.


#5: McLovin, you rule!


#6: Let’s play a game.

'Team America: World Police'

#7: America, fuck yeah!

'Ghost World'

#8: Who’s ready to rock their ‘77 punk look and dance to Bollywood rockabilly music?

'Y Tu Mamá También'

#9: A fine evening for a ménage à trois.


#10: Short, back, and sides please dude!

'Mean Girls'

#11: Stop trying to make fetch happen.

'The Royal Tenenbaums'

#12: You are invited to the most remarkable family gathering.

'Shaun of the Dead'

#13: You’ve got red on you.

'Final Destination'

#14: Can you cheat death?

'Wassup Rockers'

#15: Drugs, sex, skating, and hardcore punk – meet the South Central Ramones.

'Dirty Pretty Things'

#16: In London’s underworld, every dream has its price.


#17: Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.

'Pan’s Labyrinth'

#18: In misery, there can be beauty.

'Curse of the Golden Flower'

#19: Ready those eyes for a visual feast.

'Almost Famous'

#20: Hold me closer, tiny dancer.

'Battle Royale'

#21: School’s out for forever.

'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'

#22: Meet me in Montauk.

'American Psycho'

#23: Their early work was a little too new wave for his tastes.

'Jennifer’s Body'

#24: It’s fine – she’s just killing boys!

'Gran Torino'

#25: It isn’t just a car.

'Donnie Darko'

#26: Bunny rabbits got dark.

'Training Day'

#27: You gotta be a wolf to catch a wolf.

'In Bruges'

#28: There are worse places to do a job, but he’s not impressed.

'Trick ‘R Treat'

#29: Never blow out a Jack-o’-lantern before midnight.

'Requiem for a Dream'

#30: We don’t wanna go there but . . . ass to ass.


#31: Are you sure you can’t decipher this code?

'Let The Right One In'

#32: Even kids can thirst for blood.

'District 9'

#33: Fokken prawns!

'The Descent'

#34: Worst girls’ trip ever.

'Lost in Translation'

#35: Don’t lose yourself.


#36: Exactly the sort of thing that would ruin a good leaving party.


#37: Just a little dude wordlessly saving the planet.

'Little Miss Sunshine'

#38: Just let the girl dance!

'Paranormal Activity'

#39: If you’re that paranoid, set up a damn camera.

'Bring It On'

#40: Who am I? Just guess! Guys wanna touch my chest! etc.


#1: Mulholland Drive

#2: Death Proof

#3: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

#4: There Will Be Blood

#5: Superbad

#6: Saw

#7: Team America: World Police

#8: Ghost World

#9: Y Tu Mamá También

#10: Barbershop

#11: Mean Girls

#12: The Royal Tenenbaums

#13: Shaun of the Dead

#14: Final Destination

#15: Wassup Rockers

#16: Dirty Pretty Things

#17: Oldboy

#18: Pan’s Labyrinth

#19: Curse of the Golden Flower

#20: Almost Famous

#21: Battle Royale

#22: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

#23: American Psycho

#24: Jennifer’s Body

#25: Gran Torino

#26: Donnie Darko

#27: Training Day

#28: In Bruges

#29: Trick ‘R Treat

#30: Requiem for a Dream

#31: Zodiac

#32: Let The Right One In

#33: District 9

#34: The Descent

#35: Lost in Translation

#36: Cloverfield

#37: Wall-E

#38: Little Miss Sunshine

#39: Paranormal Activity

#40: Bring It On

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  • I thought I did pretty well for an Indie Film and Cult Film Buff! I got 17 correct! Woo :)

    My personal shoutouts: I love that you had Old Boy, Little Miss Sunshine, Donny Darko, Let The Right One In (my favorite), and Wes Anderson Films. Other than that you mentioned a lot of other films I recognized. Even though I haven’t watched some of them, I watch a lot of youtubers talk about film cinematography, and film analysis of the films and I research a lot about these films to learn more about the director, actors, and the film in general.

    Thank you for the good article, It reminds me how much time I put into learning about cinematography and watching films! Film is a huge part of my life!
    I would love to write about indie films…

    May 20, 2018

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