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Sometimes we need a good scare. So, we thought we’d help you out by compiling some of the scariest and haunting horror movies around.

The most haunting movies we couldn’t finish: We were too scared

Sometimes we need a good scare, it can come in the form of a roller coaster or a scary movie, but every once in a while we just want to jumpstart our systems with a bit of a shock. It’s a strange human attribute, but it’s there and it’s pretty normal.

So, we thought we’d help you out by compiling some of the scariest horror movies around. Some of them are so upsetting we weren’t even able to finish them. So, enjoy and good luck. After you’ve watched all the movies on the list, if you’re still in need of some more spooks, Viral Baby has a list of shocking movies for you which will surely scare the pants off you.


This Netflix original was released in 2018 and takes place in 1905. It stars Dan Stevens, one of our favorite Downton Abbey actors, and down right spooks us.

The movie follows a man who sets out to save his sister from a crazy religious cult on a small island. However, the terrifying goddess the cult worships requires blood sacrifices and things get crazy.

Midnight Meat Train

The title alone already makes us uneasy. This 2008 movie stars Bradley Cooper, and we don’t think you’ll ever be able to look at him quite the same way again.

This movie follows an obsessive photographer who accidentally watched a serial killer commit a heinous crime on a subway train, and then continues to obsess about that. We’re told the ending of this movie has a serious psychological twist, but this is one of the ones we couldn’t finish.


This movie was originally made in 1997, but Amazon remade it and released it in 2018. The cast is full of famous names including Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, and Chloë Grace Moretz.

The movie follows a world-renowned dance company which also seemingly houses witches. When a new student tries to flee the strange school, she becomes disoriented and trapped in a room. This is just the beginning.

It Follows

This movie got a lot of hype back in 2014, when it was released, but since then the movie seems to have fallen off of many people’s radars.

The movie shows a young woman being followed by an unknown supernatural force which she can’t escape. The entity moves slowly, but never stops. It can be passed to others, but if one of them dies then the entity will start going back down the line.


This 2012 movie stars Ethan Hawke. It follows a washed-up true crime writer who movies into a house where a family was murdered. For inspiration, we guess? However, the writer finds some old home movies which make it clear the house is a lot creepier than he ever imagined.

The tapes date all the way back to the 1960s.


This movie slipped under the radar for most people when it was released in 2018 because the concept was campy at best. It’s a WWII movie with zombies.

However, we can assure you that we closed our eyes about two thirds of the way in and just listened to the last bit of the movie because we were so horrified. US soldiers find themselves behind enemy lines in WWII and start to realize Nazi experiments have created all kinds of bone chilling abominations including zombies.

The movie seems like an innocuous action movie for a long time, but this lures you into complacency before it hits you with truly upsetting visuals.


This 2019 B-movie has enough scares and gore to warrant a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is considered a horror comedy and follows three best friends stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. As they become desperate to survive dark secrets, rivalries, and sexual tension take over the boat.

The Descent

This 2005 movie combines unknown monsters and claustrophobia together to create a nightmare situation which can give anyone nightmares.

A caving expedition goes terribly wrong and then the trapped explorers discover they’re being pursued by unknown monsters. This tense and visually unsettling movie is bound to make you anxious until the end.

The Omen

The Omen throws it back a few more decades than any of the others on this list – it premiered in 1976.

The movie is about an American ambassador who is surrounded by mysterious deaths. The prevailing theory? His child is actually the anti-Christ, the son of the Devil. If movies with terrifying children are what keep you up at night this movie is sure to have you pulling an all-nighter.


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