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Even the hottest sex scenes are awkward to film. Find out which steamy moments in movies were straight-up nightmares for the cast.

The hottest sex scenes that were actually a disaster for the cast

Sex scenes are challenging, even for the most experienced actors. It’s incredibly easy to feel uncomfortable trying to portray such intimate moments. With so much pressure on, scenes end up feeling awkward. Good thing for us, we can’t tell how uncomfortable actors feel, and we get to live the fantasy of the steamier scenes.

Even if we don’t notice most of the time, some scenes are extremely uncomfortable. We don’t mean your average “oh no, we won’t be fully clothed”; we mean the “oh God, I really wish I wasn’t here” moments.

Read about the top awkward sex scenes ever shot to avoid watching the real thing. JK, it’s probably going to be awkward for you to read as well.

Right in front of your partner

This first awkward moment happened to Kate Winslet. In Revolutionary Road, she had to film a sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. That isn’t so problematic on its own, just the usual awkwardness of shooting sex scenes, right? The real issue was who was directing the movie: Sam Mendes. Sam was Kate’s then-husband, and he was basically instructing Kate & Leo how to perform the sex scene.

If you think this isn’t too awkward, maybe you haven’t really pictured yourself in the situation. Imagine you’re a professional actor who has to shoot a sex scene in the most professional way possible. However, your real-life partner is telling you how you and your co-star should interact in bed, as well as how you’re supposed to look and sound like. If you ask us, this situation is straight-up nightmare fuel.

Not so fresh

It might be hard to imagine how two Hollywood actors can feel embarrassed about doing sex scenes when, in general. they’re all so good-looking. We have a story to explain how it could happen. 

For the shooting of Map to the Stars, Robert Pattinson had to film one of the hottest sex scenes with Julianne Moore. So far, so good. These two stars are extremely attractive, so there shouldn’t be anything to feel embarrassed about, right? Wrong! Robert Pattinson was sweating so much he was literally trying to catch sweat drops from hitting Julianne’s back.

Honestly, sweating is completely normal, and to be fair, it was a hot day in the studio. Still, we get why Robert might have felt embarrassed by the whole situation, especially since Julianne wasn’t sweating at all!

Not so glamorous

The Wolf of Wall Street is all about excess. The movie is filled with scenes about drugs, money, and sex. Being all about living the fast life, The Wolf of Wall Street might look like a movie showcasing glamour & fun. One of the scenes that best represents this is the one where Margot Robbie & Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters have sex in a bed covered in money.

You might think having sex over a pile of cash would be amazing – but it isn’t. According to Margot Robbie, when she finished filming this scene and was reaching for her robe, the whole room gasped because the money had left scratches all over her back. Getting tons of paper cuts doesn’t seem so glamorous, does it?

Worst first time ever

First times are usually not as pretty as we’d like to imagine. We all hope for this romantic & intense experience, but in reality, it’s scary and weird. Maybe this one isn’t one of the hottest sex scenes, but it deserved to be mentioned.

For the movie Superbad, making a sex scene look awkward actually makes sense. The movie is about a bunch of teenagers, so none of us even expect (or want!) to watch an incredible sex scene. However, the experience might’ve been a little too awkward for Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

For filming the scene where Christopher’s character McLovin loses his virginity, Christopher’s mom was actually present. That’s right, she was there on set watching her own son play a character who’s having sex for the first time. We admire him for his bravery.

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