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The Indian Premier League rakes in impressive reveneue from television sponsorships. Let's look at the league's popularity.

Television revenue in the Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been holding cricket tournaments for twelve seasons. The thirteenth season would have already taken place this year if it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, though it is set to happen later this year. In the short period of time the IPL has existed it has amassed an estimated brand value of $6.7 billion USD. In 2015, the IPL is said to have added $160 million USD into India’s GDP.

With these kinds of numbers it’s pretty safe to say the IPL is incredibly popular and wildly successful. Odds are, the popularity will only rise – especially as the league sees an increase in accessibility for fans.

Let’s take a closer look at the crazy numbers the Indian Premier League is able to generate on television and in viewership.

Television numbers

Despite the pandemic raging across the world the Indian Premier League has been able to maintain most of their sponsorship agreements. The expected earning number across all teams is approximately $69.7 million USD. This includes ads, uniform logos, and other forms of promotion.

Meanwhile, last year’s season, in 2019, broke viewership records. (So it’s understandable companies want to continue sponsoring teams – they’re guaranteed to get eyeballs on their brand names.) Between the dates of March 23rd and May 12th the IPL had 462 million viewers watching cricket. A 12% increase from the year before.

In 2017 the IPL tournament became the most viewed professional sports league in all of India with about 40 million impressions.


Now, the IPL is making streaming deals. Reliance Jio will be streaming the 2020 IPL games for free for a select number of their pre-paid customers. Users with pre-paid Rs 401 plans who have access to Disney+ Hotstar will also have access to live streams of IPL games.

Along with this, JioFiber users with plans above the Rs 849 level will also have the ability to watch the 2020 IPL tournament for no extra charge. If purchase a Disney+ Hotstar subscription it’ll cost you 1,499 rupees for a year’s subscription, but it also includes IPL games. Or you can pay 299 rupees a month for your subscription.

Sky Sports is also a popular hub for cricket fans to catch games, and international fans in the U.S. can even see matches on Willow TV or SuperSport.

Due to the increased accessibility and cricket betting has significantly increased. The live streaming of IPL games adds to the popularity and excitement of online cricket betting in India.

IPL 20202

This year’s tournament will be held between the dates of September 19th to November 10th – taking place over the course of 53 days with a total of sixty different matches. The tournament would have taken place sooner, but due to the pandemic it was pushed back. Though, it’s likely cricket fans are just grateful they’ll be able to watch their favorite sport.

Most of the matches will be held at 7:30pm local time, though there will be ten afternoon matches starting at 3:30pm local time.

There will be eight teams participating in the tournament – the same teams which played last year. If you’re considering placing any online bets, it’s worth noting the Mumbai Indians are the defending champions from last year, and have won the IPL four times in the 12 season history of the league – the most wins in the league to date.

The qualifier one game, eliminator game, and qualifier two game, have not yet had the specific days confirmed, but the final game of the tournament will be held on November 10th.

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