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You can always rely on Jason Bateman for LOL moments. We look at his most delightfully amusing on-screen moments. Get ready for the laughs.

‘Arrested Development’: Jason Bateman’s most LOL moments

Fight Club meets Monopoly in Game Night – the film offering a hilarious trip into Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie’s (Rachel McAdams) weekly evening of competitive activities, which gets kicked up a notch when a friend’s murder-mystery party descends into gun-shooting mayhem.

We’re all stoked Bateman (Arrested Development) returned to the big screen in the action comedy that was described as a “smart adult flick that manages to be as much fun as a game night itself.” You can always rely on Bateman for some LOL moments and in celebration of the movie’s release, we’ve decided to look at his most delightfully amusing on-screen moments. So sick back, relax, and get ready for the laughs.

The Mayonegg

Michael Bluth: Arrested Development

In a family full of criminals, alcoholics, and illusionists, Bateman’s character Nichael Michael Bluth is the only member of the clan remotely capable of holding it together.

There are so many comical M-Bomb moments to choose from, one of our faves being his general disdain towards son George’s (Michael Cera) horrifically bland girlfriend Ann Veal (Mae Whitman) a.k.a. “her”. Check him trying to hold down the spew as George recalls her little mayonegg trick.


Guy Trilby: Bad Words

Watching Bateman struggling to spell “floccinaucinihilipilification” = pure gold.

“Can you repeat it one more time please?”

The perils of babysitting

Dave Lockwood: The Change-Up

In The Change-Up, Bateman’s character Dave is given the arduous task of babysitting twins after switching bodies with young single man Mitch (Ryan Reynolds). In doing so, he reaches a revelation that pretty much sums up the perils of parenthood: “Having children, it’s like living with little mini heroin addicts. You know, they’re laughing one minute and then they’re crying the next and then they’re trying to kill themselves in your bathroom for no good reason.”

Group therapy

Nick Hendricks: Horrible Bosses 2

When Bateman’s character mistakes a sex addict therapy session for an AA meeting, hilarity ensues the moment he starts talking about “hitting it hard”.

Awkward meeting

Mark Loring: Juno

Juno’s dad: “This of course is Juno.”
Mark: “Like the city in Alaska.”
Juno: “No.”
[Awkward silence]

Carpool karaoke  

Sandy Patterson: Identity Thief

Bateman didn’t even need to utter a word in the singalong scene to make us LOL – his face says it all. Pure hatred . . . not that Diana (Melissa McCarthy) noticed.

Diagnosis a**hole

Ray: Hancock

The moment Ray bluntly explains to John Hancock (Will Smith) why he’s an a**hole. “It’s not a crime to be an a**hole, but it’s very counterproductive.”

Eggnog luge

Josh Parker: Office Christmas Party

Okay, so watching Bateman deep throat an eggnog luge in Office Christmas Party is the dumbest high-school humor ever, but don’t try and deny it makes you chuckle (just a little bit).

Mom’s cleavage

Judd Altman: This Is Where I Leave You

Judd: “Mom, can you please close that robe?”
Judd’s mom: “They’re just breasts, Judd. Same ones you suckled at.”
Judd: “No mother, those are not the same breasts you nursed us with, those are different, you’ve got bionic breasts now.”


Mutual friend zone

Wally Mars: The Switch

You can’t deny Wally & Leonard’s (Jeff Goldblum) LOL credentials, as Bateman’s character grapples to explain the complexity of the friend zone. “We put each other in the friend zone, it was a mutual placement.” Sure it was, buddy.

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