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Jeffree Star just cannot escape the ire of the public this year. Now, the internet is wondering if the YouTuber wants to boost his net worth with fracking.

Did Jeffree Star just start fracking to boost his net worth?

2020 was certainly an eventful year for Jeffree Star. His make-up line “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” released a few palettes, he was exposed for accusations of racism, blackmailing, and manipulation, was “canceled” by the internet for what seems like the millionth time now, and now he’s just purchased a brand new home in Wyoming.

Many are speculating if the reasoning for this purchase is to expand his business ventures but for something not as glamorous as make-up. Is the YouTube star dipping his feet into the fracking industry now? Let’s dive deeper and look at the speculations.

Home sweet home

Jeffree Star’s new home stands in the remote outskirts of Casper, the second largest town in Wyoming, and sprawls out at a whopping seventy acres of land. Variety reported the 6,000 square ft. main house includes a total of six bedrooms, two garages, plus a detached building that offers more garage space. 

The main house includes a bunch of stacked-stone fireplaces inside, and the house offers a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. The kitchen includes modern-style black granite countertops with high-end Wolf & SubZero appliances, including a breakfast bar that can sit up to five people. 

A flatscreen TV is propped onto a teal wall in the family room, along with an elegant fireplace. The house is lined with stone & hardwood floors. Variety announced that although it’s unclear just how much the cosmetics mogul paid for his new home, the estate was last listed at $1.1 million.

Fracking speculations

So why are people thinking the Youtube star is planning on fracking? Jezebel speculated: “It’s also unclear why he chose rural Wyoming in the first place—though, as fellow rural Wyoming resident RuPaul has demonstrated, fracking is a very lucrative leisure activity for the already very rich”, referring to RuPaul being exposed earlier this year for profiting off the fracking industry with his husband. 

Variety also reported Jeffree Star has no plans to sell his Hidden Hills monster mansion in Los Angeles, where his neighbors include big celebrities such as The Weeknd, Drake, and a few Kardashians. That 20,000 plus square foot house is worth a whopping $14.6 million, and also includes an underground garage, a two-story gymnasium, a large wine cellar, and even a fancy glass elevator. 

Truth be told though, nothing seems quite sketchy yet. Variety also noted that plenty of other celebrities have homes in Wyoming as well such as Bill Gates, Sandra Bullock, Harrison Ford, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and plenty more. So while Jeffree’s new remote land in Wyoming gives him the opportunity to get his hands on some fracking money, we hope the star doesn’t give us any more reasons to hate on him.

A controversial issue

Fracking seems to be all the talk in the U.S. lately, with this issue being brought up as a hot debate topic during the 2020 presidential election. Joe Biden is known for flip-flopping around this subject, causing confusion when he vowed in March to eliminate fracking only to correct himself the next day with his officials saying Biden is now committed to no new fracking on federal land. 

Bloomberg stated: “Hydraulic fracturing is used to coax oil and gas out of roughly 95% of U.S. wells, according to government data”, so it’s obvious why it’s such a heavily debated and controversial topic. While one side is concerned about the jobs lost if fracking were to be banned, the other is focused on the environment and how fracking has negatively affected climate change. 

However, Bloomberg also mentioned that even if Biden really wanted to, he doesn’t have the power to ban fracking all by himself once he’s in the White House next year, stating “Under a 2005 law, the Environmental Protection Agency has almost no regulatory power over fracking. Changing that would require an act of Congress.”

What do you think about Jeffree Star’s new home? Let us know in the comments below. 

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