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Las Vegas is the ideal setting for wild adventures. Here are the best movies set in the entertainment capital.

Top must-see Las Vegas themed movies loved by the audience

Movies that have gambling and casinos as the main theme are filled with action, tension and they tend to pique out interest really quickly. Movies about Las Vegas, in particular, began to emerge during the 40s but that wasn’t something temporary but it rather turned into a  leitmotif in the movies industry.

The city of Las Vegas in Nevada continued to grow and with it, the casino industry grew quite rapidly. Up to this day, there were many Las Vegas gambling movies that gained great popularity. Let’s take a look at the top X popular movies about Las Vegas that the fans are obsessed with. 

The Hangover

2009 was a big year for the movie industry, and it was also the year when one of the most popular casino movies of all time. The public loved this fun and an action-packed comedy starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha. Todd Phillips’ comedy is everything you want it to. The story is about four friends who embark on a journey to Las Vegas to have a bachelor party.

Justin Bartha who is portraying their fourth friend Dough (the groom) gets missing along the way and the things just continue to get more complicated. The movie portrays all the vices and addictions of Las Vegas and the hedonistic adventures of the visitors. Moreover, some of the scenes include the most famous location in Las Vegas – Caesars Palace.

Ocean’s Eleven

In case you are a Millennial or Gen X it is highly likely that you know all about this one, as it was a big boom at the beginning of 2002. long before we could play online games like in a Las Vegas casino, Ocean’s Eleven was released in 2001 and it gathered some of the most popular actors of this period. 

Eager fans couldn’t wait to see this gaming-themed film starring George Clooney, Cecelia Ann Birt, Paul L. Nolan and Brad Pitt. This movie was an actual Steven Soderbergh remake and it left the world cheering in excitement.

The Ocean’s Eleven ensemble of players depicts the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas lifestyle with big stakes, not your everyday casino entertainment you can find at The players are dressed classy, the convos are intelligent and cocky while the modern vibe is present in every segment of the movie.


As one of the recently filmed movies about gambling and Las Vegas, 2017 Dealer was a project done by some of the most talented filmmakers. Jerry Thompson, Lundon Boyd, Ryan and Cody LeBeouf, Jeremy Cloe, and Adam Zielinski were just some of the people who worked on Dealer. The story is revolving around Kelly, Boyd’s character who happens to be a casino dealer who meddled into some shady business. 

The movie is divided into segments with each segment portraying a different image of Las Vegas. The situations vary from comic, to sweet, realistic and dangerous, leaving the spectator filled with different emotions. This project was a local moviemakers’ showcase of their talent and abilities.

Mississippi Grind

If you are a Marvel Studios fan you probably heard of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck who directed Captain Marvel. The duo also directed Mississippi Grind, starring Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds. This movie from 2015 is about two gamblers involved in a New Orleans poker game that supposedly has a $25,000 buy-in. 

Gerry, played by Ben Mendlesohn is convinced that his new friend Curtis, played by Ryan Reynolds is a gambling lucky charm. The two set off on a journey filled with winning, losing, and romance which ends in a half-million dollars gambling prize. Some of the underlying themes processed in the movie are addiction, depression, debts, and the bad side of gambling.

Uncut Gems

Last year’s Uncut Gems is probably known to the younger generations due to the viral meme “This is how I win”. And what the meme depicts is one of the epic moments in the movie and character Howard Ratner played by Adam Sandler. Many views are agitated by the storyline, but it portrays the sad life and truth behind gambling. This Josh and Benny Safdie’s thriller shows a gambling addict who doesn’t stop, no matter the cost – and the ultimate cost is his destruction.

Uncut Gems puts the audience in Howard Ratner shoes through various gambling situations, which certainly make us wonder if what he is going to do next might be the right move. Even if there are no right moves in the addiction scenario. Watching the movie will constantly remind us of the strong grip gambling can have on addicts and the illusion that remains till the end – that he might end up winning. 

Wrapping up

The gambling industry, casinos and especially Las Vegas have become common movies themes. What’s more important, some of these movies are on the list of the most epic ones ever. In case you are feeling like watching a drama, comedy, or action movie where the predominant theme is gambling and casinos, you can check out some of the movies from this list.

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